DVDFab (Platinum/Gold/HD Decrypter) (Option: Mobile) is out

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DVDFab products is out (October 10, 2008):

DVDFab (Platinum/Gold/HD Decrypter) (Option: Mobile)

What’s New: (October 10, 2008)
* New: Improved writable media detection.
* New: Added ps3.vob.passthrough profile. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
* New: Select framerate 23.976 fps automatically if IVTC can be applied to avoid jerky playback on devices like iPod, Zone, PS3 and Xbox 360. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
Please note: if you have set the default profile for iPod, Zone, PS3 and Xbox 360, you need change the framerate to 23.976 fps and set default profile again.
* New: Changed option text “iPod” to “iPod / iPhone”. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
* New: Updated language files.
* Fix: A freeze problem when copying DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: Preview is not updated when source is changed.
* Fix: Sound is not played when media is requested.
* Fix: DVDFab will not start after registration on Windows Vista 64-bit.
* Fix: A silent exit problem when opening DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: An audio beep problem when converting certain DVDs like “Hellboy” and “Decoys”. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
* Fix: Converted AC3/DTS file is not raw data when using generic.audio.copy profile. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
* Fix: Converted MP4 file can not be transferred to iPod when using ipod.mpeg4 profile in certain cases. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
* Fix: Framerate is wrong when using “Same as source” in certain cases. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
* Fix: Time length of WAV file is wrong when using generic.audio.wav profile. (DVDFab Mobile Option)

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