DVDFab (Platinum/Gold/HD Decrypter) Beta

Dear all,

DVDFab (Platinum/Gold/HD Decrypter) Beta (Apr 30, 2008) is out:

You need new key to use DVDFab 5 if you registered old version, please get it for free:
You need select “DVDFab 5.x Beta”.

What’s New: Beta (Apr 30, 2008):
New: Updated language files.
Fix: A crash problem at startup on Windows Vista when DEP is on.
Fix: A playback problem for “Cloverfield” (US) when copying “Full Disc”.
Fix: A crash problem when opening “Cloverfield” (US) if “Main Movie” is the first copy mode.
Fix: Option “Default output size” doesn’t work. Beta (Apr 29, 2008):
New: Separated “DVD to Mobile” feature to “DVDFab Mobile Option”, which will become a seperate product after May 8, 2008.
All customers who buy DVDFab Platinum before May 8, 2008, will get lifetime free upgrade for “DVDFab Mobile Option” too.
New: Added option “Disable screensaver when processing” in “Settings -> General”.
New: Changed user interface color to improve readability.
New: Added button “Crop Settings” in “Advance Resolution Settings” window.
New: Updated language files.
Fix: “Burn Again” doesn’t work in last beta version.
Fix: Several crash problems in certain cases.
Fix: Several minor problems. Beta (Apr 19, 2008):
New: Brand new user interface, more easy to use.
New: All-in-one installer for DVDFab Platinum/Gold/HD Decrypter. User can try any one, then decide which one to buy.
New: Added “Customize Split” mode to allow user to customize a DVD-9 onto two DVD-5 discs.
New: Titles are listed by playback order now, if PathPlayer is enabled.
New: Created “dvdid.xml” file when copying DVD, so that Windows Media Center can retrieve cover art and movie info from internet automatically.
New: Added option “Copy Original IFO Files” in “Clone” mode.
New: Added option “Move icon to system tray when minimized” in “Settings -> General”.
New: Added option “Check Now” to check new version immediately in “Settings -> General”.
New: Added option “Supported by Device” and “Zoomed by Source Aspect” in “Advanced Resolution Settings”, for “DVD to Mobile”.
New: Added option “Send IFO Files” in “Settings -> Info” by using new Report program. No need to use email program anymore.
New: Crash report can be sent by using new Report program too.
New: Updated language files.
Fix: A freeze problem if PathPlayer is enabled when opening DVD like “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” (US).
Fix: Angle button may be shown when playing multi-angle title.

If you have any problem, please start a new thread to discuss, thanks.

Best Regards,