DVDFab Platinum Gold Problem

I just updated to the latest version DVDFab Platinum I tried backing up a disc using the wizard > Copy Disc Fully > Go and I get an error message Failed [3003,0] I tried a different movie and get same error. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and again get the same Failed message. Uninstalled once more and went back to version and I can now backup the movies.

I am using the same computer I have for some time now a Windows 2000 Pro system with nothing else running on it.

3003 = CantCopyIFOFromSource


Just an FYI, just created a bkup with the new version of platinum - v., express - main movie option…no problems.

I have the same issue. I was backing up a DVD with no problem and then decided to upgrade to the latest version and I have error 3003,0 I have even gone back to a DVD that backed up fine before. Something is not right.

I tired to backup “The Constant Gardener” and “The Transporter 2” using Gold Both gave the Failed [3003,0] error. I went back to Gold and was able to backup both without a problem.

I reinstalled Platinum and tried again getting the error. Although I don’t like using Express I gave it try to see if it would work and yes it does copy the movie only. Also set Express to use DL discs and tried Copy Mode Complete Disc and it also works. Something is just not right in the Gold version it looks like.

Dear all,

Sorry for the problem, a new version has been updated.

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hello !
work perfect for me -
mr. m worked perfect for me , updated anyway. Thanks Fengtao for the updates.

Fengtao (Admin?), thanks for the update. Would it be possible to be a link to the new versions on the forum(I see now official!) here at cdfreaks? For us registered users, really no point going to your site with the forum here. I know you did for the beta, but for all would be great! Thanks.

Yes, please…a link to updates would be great… :iagree:
Thanks Fengtao.

As always, the official download link is at http://www.dvdidle.com/download.htm

Hello Admin
The Update Is Perfect
What About The New Softweare That You Devolpd
When Will Be The Time To Revel It ?
Can We Get Some Details About It ?
Will It Be Possible Just To Update The Ccorent Ver. ?
Please Your Answer
Thank You
Mr. M

Did Layer break work right in Express as that has been a past problem with Express?


First I want to thank fengtao for the quick fix.

I only started the process in Express to see if it would start reading the DVD disc and copying the files to the Hard Drive without stopping on the 3003,0 error. Express started the process and I could see the movie in the preview when copying “movie only.” I stopped the process and tried the DL mode Full Disc in Express and I could see Express was copying the files to the hard drive again with no 3003,3 error. I again stopped the process and in both cases deleted the files from the hard drive. I only have a few DL Discs and don’t want to waste them on movies I’ve already backed up so I did not burn the discs, I only copied them to the hard drive. Sorry but I can’t answer your question about the layer break in Express but I’ve never had a problem with that using Gold.

Yes, I think most of us know that, the request was a link at top of this forum for new releases…at least a post at top advising us of a new release…
This as opposed to having to check your “Official” site frequently, or happening to find one of your posts announcing same, buried in a thread…thanks, and to your ongoing attention to issues.