DVDFab Platinum Generic Profiles

I would like to add a frame resolution of 592x320 1.85:1 to the profiles frame resolution list, how do I go about this? I can’t seem to find the main profile that handles this.


Just edit it into the profile where you want it to appear using Notepad: here is the generic xvid+mp3 profile with that size added:

<profile name=“generic.avi.xvid.mp3” version=“200” device=“generic” tag=“dvdfab” description=“The profile is used to create avi(xvid + mp3) file, which can be played on PC or supported device.” >
<file format=“avi” onefile_size_mb=“700” number=“1” />
<audio copy=“0” codec=“mp3” channel=“2” >
<freq value=“48000” list=“32000,44100,48000” />
<bitrate value=“64000” list=“64000,96000,128000,192000,256000” />
<volume percent=“100” />
<size list=“592x320” />
<subtitle mode=“0” />
<encode codec=“xvid” fourcc=“XVID” bitrate_kbps=“900” >
<mode value=“real_time” list=“real_time, high_quality” />
<thread set=“0” value=“1” />
<acodec name=“lame”>
<common ver=“0” layer=“2” />
<attr ch_mode=“0” quality=“0” private=“0” orignial=“0” checksum=“0” copyright=“0” />
<vbr method="-1" max_bitrate=“224000” quality=“0” abr=“8” />
<vcodec name=“xvid”>
<motion motion_search=“5” vhq=“0” qpel=“0” gmc=“0” chroma_me=“0” />

Add any other sizes you like. The main profile explanation is in the Readme folder. Tested this with Evan Almighty, here is what AVICodec reported: Video : 35 MB, 769 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 592*320 (16:9), XVID = XVID Mpeg-4, Supported