DVDFab Platinum functions



Ive been using DVDFab Decrypter, and have been thinking of buying Platinum.
Ive read the product specs, but still unlear on a few points:

  • I understand that platinum rips,
    but does it also compress (like DVD Shrink)?
  • Also does it burn (like Nero),
  • Finally, is it a one-step process?


The short answer is yes.This is IMO the best one out there.


Is that a yes to all three questions. A longer answer would be much appreciated. Thanks


Platinum does everything you listed and more,download the trial from the link near top of this forum and give it a try.(30 days free full function)Hope this helps


Platinum provides the highest features per dollar ratio of any of this type software that I have used. Click here for a summary of the features.


Thanks for the link. Very informative.


I have been very happy with Platinum. There are a few things it can’t do yet; you can look in the Features Request thread to see what some of them are.


I like to use the ‘customize’ and ‘preserve dvd menu options’, with ‘only select english’ and ‘no subpictures selected’ in the common settings under streams.

Ive only had trouble once right after i upgraded from dvd decrypter to dvdfab, however the next dvdfab update fixed my problem.

Wonderful program guys keep up the good work.


I agree fwith this recommendation.