DVDFab Platinum "Failed to get DVD information"



Hey I am trying to copy a certain DVD movie, i am not going to mention the name, but i will say it is brand new to DVD.

When i insert the disc into the drive and start DVDFAB Platinum, the program scans the disc, and then a “feedback” window popups.

The windows wants to collect information about the DVD, but even though you enter the information it still does not start the copy.

I have included some screen shots to show you the window.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so how to get around it?



This has happened a few times to me, and each time I’ve downloaded the latest update and it worked fine. Ae you using the latest verision?


Hi Meraj,

What disc do you copy? (title, region, country)

Please send the feedback to us, or send to me directly at fengtao(at)dvdidle.com, so that we can analyze it and add support for it in new versions.

Best Regards,


Hi whoezdaboss and welcome to the club. If the movie in question is a as yet unreleased movie, it would be good to know more about it to warn others and give Fengtao a heads up about a possible new encryption. Or, it could possily be an issue with your system that needs lookin’ at. ~ Mike


The name of the movie is Casino Royale 007. I live in the US, so i guess the region would be US. And it was in English.


IT is a new movie, its Casino Royal 007.


Hey boss. Don’t know what version of DVDFab you are using, but I backed this one up with no problem. I think I used Customize mode, and put the main movie on one DVD5 and the big load of extras on another, with menus only on the second disc with the extras Try updating Fab and using Main Movie or Customize/No Menus and see if it will work.


Also backed up this movie. Used the full movie mode onto a DVD5, and it came out clean. I believe I used ver. or maybe it was 8.6. Not quite sure anymore. ~ Mike