DVDFab Platinum Express Problem

I just updated DVDab Platinum to v. I have been using it with problems since Now, only on certain movies using Express Mode, I get a “Failed to write disc” after just a few seconds but it did manage to read the disc fine. I was able to “copy” the files from the Temp folder and burn them with Nero. I never had this problem prior to updating. I also have a friend who updated as well and now has the same problem. Is this a “bug” in Any help is appreciated. TIA

Yeah, I think it’s buggy…found exactly the same thing. I was able to bkup Two for the Money using express v. - main movie - no problem. Tried to do the same with the Rocky I-V movies (my daughter wants the bkups), express v. - main movie…this time no go…weird! The blank disc, although seemingly blank, was apparently written to for a few seconds…just enough to render it useless… :a Again, the same as you, I could burn using nero, but not with VSO.

I just reverted to v. and all’s well. I’m running two systems, one still has v. I fool with it some and get back to you. Gotta head out to work right now.


That is exactly what happens to me Tom. I tried to reinstall over top of but it still says it’s Do I have to uninstall first? Anyone else having this problem? Is there a “fix” in the works? I love DVDFab and want to keep using it. TIA

re - ripped/burned 2 flicks with this. One (2 for money), main movie only, no problem. Other was DL (complete disc)(Lordofwar), again no problem. Have watched first all the way through, flawless. The DL, have viewed start, jumped chapters no problem, but haven’t viewed complete yet. Guess like Tom will have to try and backup older flick and see how goes. The partial burn using fab vso sounds like an issue that plagued us for quite awhile until their dll was changed/updated. Note on these above, packet writing selected.
Tom, sure its just not a “Stallone” thing? :bigsmile:

The funny thing is that it doesn’t happen on every disc. and prior worked on all disc’s.

Still at work right now, but will be out early today. Will fool with this a bit more when I get home and get back to you.

When reverting to previous versions, you need to uninstall fab, then do a fresh new install. Be certain that you have your registry key for the “new” install. You can email Fengtao from their support site here:


…quick auto response for the key…like 1-2 minutes… :cool:


Thanks Tom,

I will give that a try. I really love this software. I don’t want to use anything else. I hope going back to works. Maybe will be out soon and this problem will be fixed. :slight_smile:

Ok, I reverted to v., ripped and burned “Rocky” exactly as before…same optical drives, firmware, speed, media, express - main movie, same everything - the only change was the version. It copied perfectly!

So larry, I guess it wasn’t just a “Stallone thing”… :stuck_out_tongue:

This was on my newer (custom 1 year old) system, but it has a Liteon 1633s which has gotten a ton of use. I received my new Liteon 1693s and will install it, upgrade to v. and try again. This has really got me intrigued. The fact that it is not consistent movie to movie is pretty bizarre.

I have copied 8 DVD’s in the last 24 hours using and not one has failed to burn.

Got a list of DVD’s this happens with?
And the settings used… no problems here.

portmac,nightrider can you help me on this i can not copy any movies since i updated to i have a hp with a 900nhz processor,512 mg of ram i use a sony dru 530a dvdburner i burn on the slowest speed and use the vso burning engine and packet writing my blank dvd’s or verbatim dvd+r 4.7 gb 120 min’s @ 4X the problem all started back with the bata then after that i updated to new virson now i can not burn on to a disk it will burn on to hard drive then i burn on to disk and it will only play on pc after that i have a magnavox ,apex & emerson and will not play on any of the which all are no more then 1 year old so if i can get some help from yall or any body i be pleased thxs for the listen… :confused: :sad:


See http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=164526


Is there a way to use the VSO Inspector to check a blank DVD disc? I thought it would but so far have only got it to check burned dvds.


If you are refering to the surface scan and file test then that can only be done with media that has been burnt.