DVDFab Platinum(Express Mode)

Just updated DVDFab Platinum from 2.7 to Found that DVDFab Platinum(Express Mode) does not allow me to copy main movie from the Harddisk. —Failed when writing DVD.:1 ---- I don’t have this problem with 2.7.
Pls help! Thks!

System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2)
Pentium 4 CPU 1.6GHz

DVD Drive

DVDFab Platinum(Express Mode)
Source: Any Movies from the Harddisk
Copy Mode: Main Movie
Error code: Failed when writing DVD.:1

Same problem here with both Roxio EMC 8.0 & DVD Shrink. When I copy “main movie” only I have no issues but copying entire disk prevents copying to an iso or to dvd.

Hello !
you must update to roxio 8.5 at the web site.
mr. m

I have the most recent version of Roxio and, again, it also happens with DVDShrink…

I will try it when I get hone in a few hours as I still have a couple of movies on my HD, I have almost the same setup but use XP Pro and BenQ 1625. Did you decrypt to HD with or just trying one you already had on HD.


You can use the gold mode to create an ISO.


I decrypt’d to HD with…

Was original a DVD9, DL and you were trying to get it on 1 DVD5. Name of movie please.