DVDFab Platinum, Express, Gold Error Codes

Just wondering if someone could possibly post error codes for DVDFab Platinum, Express, Gold ? For the forum members that might be experiencing problems. Thanks in Advance.

The one with express in the name is express codes and other is gold

Fengtao Software Inc_ [Powered by Invision Power B.pdf (60.1 KB)

Fengtao Software Inc_ Express.pdf (43.8 KB)


Thanks for posting the error codes…again.


No Problem, found a way to convert them to pdf files. Hope they are not to old as they are the last ones posted on old site.


my error says invalid field in CDB…it’s for the “Failed when writing DVD Image”…i used the program before, and the same DVD burner, and this is the first time i have ever gotton this error. Does anyone know what could be the problem?

I remember looking this one up once before…mostly, it’s a major pain in the ass. If I recall correctly, it’s either a result of corrupted data or the data flow was interrupted (eg., ran out of data). It’s an atapi error and (I think) is generally a system problem. If you get any specific error code, try to look up/isolate it here:


Also, scroll to bottom of linked page …see #5. Disc.

Hope this helps,


What is error code 105. It will copy the file to the pc but will not burn.

The error codes for DVDFab Verion 3+ are all posted in a sticky at the top of the list of threads. If it happened after the copying process was complete, i.e. during or at the start of burning with VSO burn engine selected: “105 HWS_TOOBIG // Files are too big to fit on a DVD+/-R(W)”. You must either select fewer video/audio titles in Customize mode or burn to a DVD9 (DL).

Just wanted to say thanks Mack for the codes. Nice to have a reference to fall back on and some history. Thanks ~ Mike

dvdfab what is code 122