DVDFab Platinum/Express/Gold Beta

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DVDFab Platinum

DVDFab Express

DVDFab Gold
http://www.dvdidle.com/download/DVDFabGold29.exe (01/30/2006)

  • Happy Chinese New Year of Dog!
  • New: Option “Set booktype to DVD-ROM” to make backup disc more compatible.
  • Change: Improved layer break removal, now it should work on almost all DVDs.
  • New: Added support for a new protection as found on “The Keeper” (R2, Italy).
  • New: Added support for a new ARccOS protection as found on “Hitch” (R2, France).
  • Fix: Several minor problems.

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Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

works fantastic with the “The Keeper”
waiting for final software
mr. m

Beta3 is out, please see top of the post.

going on day 35 and still can not get my copy of dvdfab x-press bata to work so i guess i will take the hit and lose on a good program when it was free but when i paid for it can not get it to work i have sent in ?? after ?? for help and info on what i should do are see why it is not working right on my othere post in here i have put what system i have and dvd burner as the blank media i use ???/ :confused: :sad:

What is booktype to DVD-ROM option for should it be checked ?

Booktype refers to identifying a dvd as a dvd+R (+RW, +R DL), dvd-R (-RW, -R DL) or dvd-ROM and is important re: compatibility, esp. with standalone players. You can change +R media to dvd-ROM in order to increase compatibilty. You cannot change -R media. +R must be set prior to burning, +RW can be done before or after.
I usually opt to change +R to ROM, I don’t have any problems playing +R, however, I don’t see any disadvantage to changing it.

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Thanks for the info helps alot.

i am using dvd fab express it will get to about 2 minutes left and freeze and then it will start going up in time and never finish

hey this did not work on alot of disk i tried to copy. it says any dvd. I got it to save dvd i am buying that my son watches. Did I get riped off? i have the platinum and also got the dvd regon free + css free. I have emailed but no reply I am trying to copy charmed, disney film only a few worked, patch adams, cody banks II I have a dvd-+rw drive and operate window xp pro.

I see I can’t get my money back

Frogface chill man lets see if we can work out your problem what exactly is going on give us a few more details I use DVDFab Platinum as a back up and use DVD regon free + css free on a regular basis with Clonedvd2 and I as of yet have not found a disk that it can not deal with.

Give us a few more details and we might be able to help you out

it just copies part and will not play back or it freezes in the begining I have wasted several disks. I have used both dvd-r and dvd+r. I am a single mother and money is tight, I am trying to save dvd we have. Charm, patch adams, cody banks II do not work along with msany of the disney.

Now your saying I need to buy another program? What about dvdFab?

dvd regon free is always working, still it did not copy correctly I used the express.

First are you running dvd region/css free while trying to run Express or Gold mode of DVDFab Platinum? If so we have found your problem.

Have you updated to latest version, there have been 2 updates since DVDFab Platinum/Express/Gold Beta, DVDFab Platinum/Express/Gold Final, DVDFab Platinum/Express/Gold Beta

Ken (portmac) at VSO who provides burning engine for DVDFab products has posted a solution at:


Also, I would suggest posting in a section below the read first threads or start a new thread. There are several people from the old forum that are more likely to see your post. Please post burner brand and FW version, media code, CPU speed, memory size & speed, then a burn log. If you do not understand any of the things I mention please ask, we all had to learn and ask questions at one time. Although you will get more input from others but there some people on every forum expect that everyone know all about computers etc, fill free to PM me and I’ll hep you find a solution.


Your Shortcut URL to DVDFAB Download generates VIRUS.

Be aware! I hope no-one else is downloading an INFECTED file.


Hi gonwk,

Which URL? Which anti-virus program?

For Norton false warning problem, we have fixed it:

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Hi Fengtao,

I believe I clicked on your your first URL … DVDFAB Plat … and once I tried to download your program to try it out … my VirusScan program I think is McAFee or something like that … anyway a pop-up window came on and said that the document contains VIRUS and it CAN NOT be cleaned … after I panicked and try to delete the file and rebooted my computer … guess what the hell just started … my computer WOULD NOT reboot … it would come up to wher iti says “Setting Your Settings” and it would just sit there …
ANYWAY, after this experience … GUESS what I will NEVER EVER download any programs that comes of this WEBSITE … I mean CDFreaks … I suppose they don’t know about your problem Downlaod or Site. I posted this so OTHER PEOPLE ARE WARNED ABOUT YOUR VIRUS or something like that DOWNLOADS.


Hi Gonwk,

There is NOT any virus in our products, it’s a false warning.

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You can’t run both of these programs together you either run DVD region/css free (as I do with Clone DVD) or you run DVDFab Platinum in Express or Gold mode

I would expect that you have DVD region/css free set to run automatically when another burning program is initialised (just right click on the icon go to settings and uncheck the relevant box) right click and disable it when you run DVDFab Platinum in Express or Gold mode the movies you have mentioned all copied ok for me

Follow these steps and let’s see how it work out

Hi Gonwk,

First off, the official dvdidle website:


does not “generate”, nor does it contain any virus, trojan horse, malware, etc., etc. While it’s appreciated that you are trying warn folks of a threat here on the forum, your efforts are misdirected. The problem lies in your system, more specifically, with your av software, as Fengtao pointed out. All av software can potentially generate a false positive (warning). Some software, such as norton, is especially predisposed to this type of error. Unfortunately, it can occasionally cause pretty severe problems/crashes. For this very reason, I will never install norton software in any of my family’s pcs, ever again. It has cost me far too much in time and trouble. I would take a long, hard look at your system’s security and seriously reevalute it.

I believe fengtao and portmac determined that it was the installer program that was giving the false virus warnings on this as well as some other programs since the installer program is an independent program. As I remember that once installed, platinum does not show a virus when scanned by Norton or the other avs that give false warnings but it did still show up in downloaded uninstalled files. I think fengato update to a newer version of the installer program in Beta. I use Panda AV with no problems.