DVDFab Platinum doesn`t recognize and rip dvd



Not possible to rip this dvd because it has about 6,2 gb and DVDFab Platinum only recognizes 4,9 gb and doesnt rip the whole dvd to disk, 4,9 probably is the main movie only or a little bit more, of course I use fulll disc mode and even freeware programs like DVDDecrypter recognize the 6,2 gb correctly but DVDFab Platinum doesnt

Any idea why ?



Please post the dvd title, region, etc and the IFO files as indicated in the forum as it may be a strangely authored/copy protected DVD.

I presume FAB is working fine for other DVDs


Unfortunately is only was my second try with DVDFab
Platinum so far, the first one seemed to work but not checked on a standalone player completely.

Title: Rebel without a cause (version published 2000 apparently)

Region 2

I send 3 ifo files as attachment, does this help or are more infos needed ? As I said only 4,9 of 6,2 gb are shown and ripped in full disc mode, strange to me but the program is quite easy to use and I checked the removal options etc. to so I think that it`s not my fault probably. Thanks for your help.



Dont know why the attachment didnt come through, small zip file, I saw “Attachment in Progress”, closed the window after some minutes so here`s another try.

I cannot see the attachment again, what else should I do but select and upload it ? So here`s a link to the zip file



Heres a screenshot, Im very surprised why DVDFab Platinum sees only 4,9 gb in full disc mode, the dvd definitely has 6,2 gb and is recognized correctly by DVD Decrypter for example, really would like to know why this happens.



please try with pathplayer disabled:

if this doesnt work, clone the disc to iso, then use the iso to select the titles you want or to apply compression. just an idea ive not tried this one yet.



Thanks for the hint, indeed the full or right size of the dvd is shown when PathPlayer is disabled, but probably it wont remove potential copy protections on the dvd this way ... ? Think Ill make another test tomorrow, already burnt some double layer dvds without success but well…


I ripped " rebel without a cause" last yr with dvd fab platinum…
did full disk mode also…