DVDFab Platinum Connecting to Net

Can anyone tell me why DVDFab Platinum is trying to connect to the Net after it finalizes a DVD? What server does it try to connect to and what exactly is it sending? I see it sends about 1200 bytes. Anyone ever use a Net connection parser to see what it’s actually sending out? I have disabled the “Check for new version automatically” option.

It is the burning engine (made by VSO-Software) sending the burn stats to the VSO media stats database. See This
It sends information about the burner/media used, burn speed, amount written, date of burn, total burn time, success/failure, error codes if it failed.
There is no identifyable information sent at all.

I don’t appreciate that at all. VSO should have an option to turn this feature off. I didn’t really need to run a firewall, until now. What happens if I’m offline, VSO wants to phone home, and I just choose the “Offline” option on my connection? Will I make a coaster? I guess I’ll have to find out the hard way.

Go to the settings page, choose the Media Statistics tab and deselect the checkbox “Allow VSO-Software to collect my media and burner data”.

Edit: Perhaps I should read a little better :)… I am also using VSO Copy2DVD, and in those settings there is the optin I refer to.

VSO offers us the burning engine, and it will send the burning information to server to create a database, so that people can know which drive/media has better result.

It will not send any personal information, or do any personal tracking, so it’s safe to ignore.

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yes , and we started to publish the first result of this database :


I am not interested in taking VSO’s word that they will not collect any personal information. With a connection to the Internet, they can basically do anything they want. Regardless of what they say, VSO probably at least collects the IP address of the computer connecting to VSO’s servers.

Fentao needs to have an option to shut off VSO’s ability to send out this information. I am no longer using the VSO engine and the Nero engine is no longer 100% reliable. Please fix Platinum’s interface with the Nero burning engine.

You can unhook from net or run firewall that will stop it. When it pops up simply click deny.


No, I have already tried unhooking from the 'Net. That will sometimes create a coaster.