DVDFab Platinum (Changing The Aspect Ratio)

Does anyone know how to change the settings in dvdfab platinum so it rips to NTSC 16:9

It automatically rips using PAL settings and I hate them square 4:3 pictures.

I have been through the settings a few times now and can’t see anywhere where I can change this

OK I’ll transfer this to the DVD Fab forum here…

Done: you’re there. :slight_smile:

can anyone help me here

the full disc & clone settings do not change any aspect ratios.

The only place I’ve seen aspect ratio controls is within the DVD to mobile options - the program calls them screen resolutions.

What are you trying to do exactly. create a copy DVD or rip into a non-DVD format ?

don’t shout, just be more specific & you’ll get more help.

None of the DVD to DVD settings change the aspect ratio. The selections for screen size in the DVD to Mobile modes are on the Configure screen.

I want to rip a dvd to a res of 720 x 480 but that size is not on the list.

The only sizes available are pal sizes

Hi thatdarndvd,
(Please correct me, if I’m wrong.) I think you want to convert to XviD. If so, it is a waste of MB’s to use the full resolution. I did test this extremly. There are no quality lost to use 704 x 400 for PAL. I would try 704 x 480 with NTSC movies. But this is only a suggestion, because i do not own NTSC DVDs. (No way for me to test your problem, sorry.)

If you want to play XviD on a DVD-Player, please do not use PAN & SCAN option in player-menu. This gives with my Player a wrong aspect ratio, if playing XviD-AVIs on a 4:3 TV. (Auto-option display correct ratio for me.)

EDIT: You can add own profiles with needed resulutions. But do this only, if you know, what you do…

I am looking for help on the frame resolutions and bit rates.

I am using generic and I am converting dvd’s to put onto a media player to play though tv.

I am confused with the frame resolutions.

I let it choose its own which was 1024 x 576 and the movie is pixalated.

I set it on fixed bitrate do I move the bitrate slider to get a better resolution.

Please help me I am pulling out my hair.


please read this thread.

thanks troy

Thank you so much.

I had searched the forums but being new to all this and not knowing what criteria to put in the searches I could not find it.

This has helped sooo much. :clap:

Cheers and thanks again

If PAL sizes are the only ones available, you must have a PAL disc inserted. Unless there has been a change that I do not know about; Fab does not convert formats. I found it easier to get a hacked player to play PAL on a NTSC TV. I found one for less than $50.00 shipped. PAL has a WS version, but I do not know the correct name.