Dvdfab platinum burning problems

i have recently built a new computer and dvdfab platinum freezes during the finalizing process and today it refused to start ripping a movie with out freezing. dvdfab told me to try different media and to make sure that my drivers were up to date on my burner. well, my laptop does well with the same media and the same program ( could my dvd drive be faulty?

Who did you talk to at dvdfab ?

Ellen Zhang, she wrote the following:

I suggest you try using a variety of different brands/speeds media.
Check your writer manufacturer’s site and the computer manufactures site for a list of recommended media to use with your writer and any firmware
updates. Also lowering the writing speed may bring better results.

I really doubt that your drive is at fault…could be, but it’s way down the list of "usual suspects"
Has this pc worked with this version prior to having problems?
If so, I suspect the problem is the current version Many users, myself included, have reported glitches, freezing, etc.

It’s easy enough to test your drive.
Does it work outside of Fab?
You can always stick a disc in and run Nero CD-DVD Speed (just click on the link if you don’t have it). You can do a number of tests. Try “Create disc”. Here you can simulate or actually burn a test disc and get more info than you probably want…but you’ll get answers.

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Hope this helps.

Now there’s a name that us old dvdidle forum users remember and we have wondered what happened to her. We all miss her. I know Tom remembers her.


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Right on both accounts… :iagree:


i got an alert "no additional sense information (000000). what does this mean?

that is i got that alert when i used the speed test.