DVDFab Platinum Audio Sync problems


I’m using DVDFAB to convert DVD’s I’ve made myself using a Panasonic DMR-EX77 DVD Recorder to .avi files to play on my Archos 605.

To use an example:
I record episodes of Charlie Jade from SKY to the hard disk on the Panasonic.
These are edited to remove the adverts (60 mins becomes 44)
The episodes are then dumped to a DVD+RW (as many as 5). I’ve tried high-speed recording (a file move, in effect) and also flexible recording where the copy happens in real time).

The files will convert okay but the audio sync gap increases through the program, apparently after every edit point in the original. This disks play fine in any DVD player I’ve tried and also on various pc players e.g. PowerDVD, WinDVD, Nero7 showtime.

The profile I use is based on the Archos 504 with 800-1200bps single pass at 640x480. I’ve tried VOB passthrough and have no sync problems.

Is there any way I can verify or fix the VOB files before I convert them?



PS: Brilliant product otherwise. I also have DVDIdle pro which is immensely useful too.

I am having a similar problem with converting certain DVDs to MP4 using the DVD to Mobile (generic). Most DVDs convert fine but some produce a very noticeable lag that is reproduced no matter how many times I try to burn the same DVD. Help?

From my experience, these set to DVD recorders use a slightly different DVD format, like a multi-session CD. I have an Ilo settop DVD recorder (80 gB hardrive with eding) and have audio snyc problems, not matter what I try. But I found a way to do what you are doing using a program called VideoReDO TV suite. Its $75, but worth every penny. The process I use is this, since the set top DVD’s are not protected, I just copy them with windows to my computer’s hardrive. I then use VideoReDo TV to open the DVD folder, edit the video (with frame accuracy) and then output a new DVD folder (or ISO image) that I can then open in DVDFab to convert to mobile. Works great with no audio problems.

Hi dentonDVD521,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been a Windows MCE user for a couple of years now and have done the equivalent of your approach using NeroVision 6&7. I ran out of steam on having a PC under the TV and MCE itself is still too bleeding-edge for the wife-acceptance-factor though.

I also got fed up of spending hours in front of the PC editing and converting files to lots of different formats, hence buying the Panasonic. I am now able to edit recordings (to individual frames) and dump directly to DVD. I keep the DVDs to watch back on the TV or loan to friends. The DVD recorder finalises the DVDs so, in theory, they play anywhere.

I already use DVDFab for converting my existing commercial DVDs for playback on the Archos (which it does very well) but I was hoping that DVDFab would also provide a simple interface for converting these DVD Recorder discs too.

Its likely that the Panasonic is not producing book-perfect VOB/IFO files but all the playback software I’ve tried works fine and NeroVision converts these to .mp4 with no loss of sync. Nero doesn’t give me the same level of control though, and doesn’t produce divx-compatible files.

How can I check or clean the VOB/IFO files so DVDFab can work with them or what can I tell the developers which would allow them to handle these disks?



There is a utility under the “common setting” that allows you to send the ifo files to the developers to study.

I’ve been experiencing audio sync problems as well.

I’ve been using DVD to Mobile (iPod) Mpeg4 High Quality (2 Pass) 128KBPS with file sizes around 1.5GB for most movies.

Almost every movie ends up getting a progressively worse audio sync, noticable starting half way through the movie.

Any else having this problem? I’m using a lite-on dvd player, brand new install of XP. This has been happening with my last few versions of the software, including the latest DVDFab Beta

You might try running through FixVTS ,then open in shrink and Set “NO compression” and backup a new VIDEO_TS folder…
Use new VIDEO_TS folder as your “Source” in Platinum and convert…

Now if you still have audio sync prob, it’s most likely a bad/corrupted file or the DVD recorded source,see this thread…
Good luck!

This is a known problem with DVD Fab Platinum and imo a very serious drawback to this application.

It is not just dependant on the particular movie you are converting, but rather the conversion process itslf.

Ok, some specific movies will convert ok, but this seems like attaching sellotape to try to fix a major problem in this application.

I paid for Platimum edition just so that i culd convert a piece of movie DVD to AVI, and the result had a terrible timelag.

After much investigation, including emailing the author of DVDFab, i was told they are working on it…

Still not fixed.

I gave up, and used an Application which realy works… and is free…

Don’t waste your time trying to get DVD Fab to work until a fix is released to fix this audio time lag problem when converting formats.


I’ve had this happen on several DVDs also. It always starts about halfway through. I wonder if it is related to the layer break?

I would agree that I have noticed this recently. It seems worse on the IPOD converted films…and yes it does start part way thru…initially it is fine but by the end it’s about 1-2 seconds out…

Can one of the Dev’s please indicate if this is known and is being worked on please…

[QUOTE=gkinghrn;2030233]I would agree that I have noticed this recently. It seems worse on the IPOD converted films…and yes it does start part way thru…initially it is fine but by the end it’s about 1-2 seconds out…

Can one of the Dev’s please indicate if this is known and is being worked on please…[/QUOTE]


Still nothing… :frowning: Fengtao???

I’ve got the sameproblem on a few dvd’s when conerting for the iPod. Please let us know when there is a solution.


I have been ripping several of my daughter’s Disney movies using the generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy template, and most have worked just fine with the exception of Beauty and the Beast and Snow White. Both have returned .avi files with out of sync audio that gets progressively worse towards the end of the movie.

I noticed this thread and can only assume that this is what my problem is. Hope to see this fixed soon, and would be willing to provide more details or some form of debug output if possible to assist in fixing this. That is unless I am doing something wrong, which I don’t believe I am, as I have done the same thing with about 8 other movies without issue…

I have been having this problem with “good luck chuck”. I tried two things. I copied the movie to my computer before converting it for the iPod. I also used a different audio file. I used the second file that was on the disc. Now the audio is in sync throughout the entire movie. Unfortunately I did them both at the same time and I can’t tell what fixed that problem. I would guess it is the audio file I used but I can’t say for sure. I am just glad that it works.

Unfortunately I don’t have to option of changing the audio selection. I want the english 5.1. I won’t watch my movies without it. I do copy most to the drive before conversion.

My situation may be slightly different than most, as I’m using DVDFab to store moving for backup and viewing on my Windows Home Server.

I still think this is related somehow to the layer break, as it always starts halfway or latter into the movie.