DVDFab Platinum and Nero

First, let me apologize if this has been covered endlessly before. I did do a search of the forum and couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I am currently using a combination of DVDFab HD (when necessary) and the old tride and true DVD Shrink to back up my DVDs.

I’ve been impressed with the free DVDFab product and want to move up to platinum, but I want to be sure there are no compatibility issues with Nero 7.

As I understand it Fab uses pcouffin as a burning engine and I had a bad experience with that years and years ago when this was all getting started with DVD-X-Copy. (remember them)

Anyway…it’s as simple as this. Are there any compatibility issues with Nero 7? Can I safely load Fab Platinum w/o changing codecs, burn engines etc?

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I should have mentioned in the above…

I am running Vista Premium, 32 bit.

I’ve seen posts that the pcouffin engine is added to as a device and can be found in device manager, so I suppose I should broaden my question to make sure that FabPlatium + Nero + Vista can all share the same space happily.


I’m using Nero 6, Adaptec ASPI, Patin Couffin, DVDFab Platinum, ImgBurn, Alcohol 120% with SPTI driver and many more. No problems, all works fine together for me.

Only Nero’s InCD is not compatible. This is an awefull Software…

yeah i don’t think you will have a problem with them both.

I will second Amiga Freak’s reply
"Only Nero’s InCD is not compatible"

Uhh sorry mtemplar,
you ask about Vista. My system is XP Pro. Excuse me and please forget my answer. Vista is not made for me. Sorry again.

mtemplar hello and welcome to the forum
I use both XP and Vista
there is no compatibility problem with Nero in fact you can use the Nero Burning Engine when using DVDFab you will need to select it as the burn engine in common settings, you will also have to add DVDFab to the DEP exception list which you can find info on how to do this below in my signature :bigsmile: