DVDFab Platinum 5: 2nd DVD produced by customise split - plays for a few seconds, then skips to next chapter at wrong time

Hi there,

I just purchased this software (DVDFab Platinum today because I have a few DVD9’s that I want to split into DVD5’s.

My first attempt at doing so resulted in a problem on the second disc.
The problem is that when I have selected play, the first few seconds of the main title’s chapter play.
But then it skips ahead to the next chapter, bypassing all the content of the first chapter on the second disc.
After it skips, I can reverse back to access the portion of the movie that was skipped. So it seems the movie data isnt lost, its just that something has gone wrong with the program’s assignment of the chapter timing for that section of Disc 2.

Disc 1 is made up of Chapters 1-3.
Disc 2 is made up of Chapter 4-9.
Both retain the menu from the original disc.

Ive tried cleaning original disc and overwriting the first vob I copied to HDD of that section.
Its not a problem with DVDs or my burner. Ive tried various brands of DVDs and my burner is in 100% working order.

Its definitly a problem with the software used to do the split. I am guessing someone else has had this problem. Despite having registered on this forum just to do searches, I had no luck, therefore I am asking here despite someone else potentially having asked.

to explain the problem again in case of any confusion…

(the dvd9 is ‘martial law 911’ by the way)

  1. Select HDD folder of the DVD as Source in DVDFab
  2. Set Customise Split option as being Disc 1:Chapters 1-3, Disc 2:Chapters 4-9
  3. Begin splitting recode. It completes without any apparent errors.
  4. Burn Disc 2
  5. Put disc 2 in DVD player
  6. Select ‘Play Movie’ from menu
  7. Watch first few seconds of Chapter 4
  8. Video skips ahead and bypasses most of Chapter 4
  9. Cry
  10. find emote for cry
  11. choose cry emote :sad:
  12. laugh

Also, apart from that problem, can someone please tell me if DVDFab has an option similar to DVDShrink which allows the video items to be replaced with a still image?

Thanks for your consideration and help. :bigsmile:

Sorry, no still image replacement in DVDFab. Still pondering your other difficulties.

Same here, this is an old bug, that appeared with v4

WORKAROUND: Use customise mode, select titles and chapters you want (1-3) manually, do the same for the other disk, only select different chapters (4-8)

thanks i will give that a try

seems to have worked by following rmask’s suggestions. thanks!

i know that split has problems.

but for some reason i decided to do a split of Sex and The City.

First disc have 2 second start loop. [which can be fast forwarded through but not played through]

Second disc plays fine. :slight_smile:

oh well, it sucks that dvdfab sometimes sucks, but i know how to work around the flaws. making dvdfab the best backup program available. thank you :slight_smile:

i should add

customize split, main title only, no menus on either disc. did not use any navigation options.

Dear all,

If you have problem with second output disc of “Customize Split”, please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:



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