DVDFab Platinum Auto Update

Does anyone know why the auto update function would stop working? I’ve been using this software for well over a year and it has always worked - only the last 2 versions have quit auto updating. I checked the site one day and found I was 2 versions behind, so manually updated. Is there a reg value I need to check? Any ideas? Thx

P/S: The auto update box is checked in setup.

Beta versions are not included in the auto update only full releases. Also make sure “check for updates” is checked in the general settings.

Also check your firewall settings. Some block this feature.

Took awhile to get back here, but problem solved. No accounting for stupidity. When I installed the newer version, it left the old launch icon in place and I was clicking on that. DOH!!! Wish I could report something a little more beefy. Thx for the suggestions.

P/S: I never thought my own tag line would apply to me! :stuck_out_tongue: