Dvdfab platinum 4 won't convert

I have 3 dvds that I’ve been trying to convert for a while. I just can’t seem to get dvd fab to work. Here’s the low-down:

The dvd is in the drive, open dvd fab, it reads blah blah blah, i select generic, select target folders, click start, and it looks likes its working, but then the “encoding fps” goes from 20 something to 18 then to 15 until it gets down to 0. It never seems to get pass 0.22%. :sad:

Am i doing something wrong, or is it dvd fab? has anyone else had this problem?


Thanks ahead of time.

Hi spoonie3372 and welcome,

A few thoughts…
First off, you’re still using Fab 4, this whole problem may be resolved with updating to current versions Beta or the last final release version

Try ripping the files to your hdd first, then convert the files. This frequently will work whereas the 1-step process does not.

Be certain to have selected [B]always enable PathPlayer[/B]
If this fails, completely disable PP.
Do not select [I]enable when necessary[/I]

Oh yeah, what are the titles?

I did try ripping the files to my hdd, thats when it got up to .22%, if i try to do the one step process it’s .18%.

The dvds are just episodes of a show that my boss and his wife are on, nothing special.

I will try the PathPlayer thing. and let you know how it goes.

i found a different converter that worked like a dream, although i did try dvdfab again with PathPlayer on and off, nothing seemed to work.

I will continue with any suggestions so i can find an answer in case someone else has the same problem.

update to version 5

I noticed that you did not say if you upgraded like maineman and calcu007 suggested, it’s kind of hard giving help on an outdated version which many issues have been fixed with the newer releases :slight_smile: