Dvdfab platinum 3, suddenly rips real slow. help

hey there, totally new here. i downloaded the free trial of dvdfab platinum (the newest one) i have had 0 problems until now. it was ripping in 15-20 minutes, now its nearly a 3 hour process. it started after my attempt to rip a fairly scratched copy of “lucky # slevin”. ive read about the dma thing if you attempt a scratched dvd, my dma setting are cool. im no computer genius like most of you guys so hopefully someone can help me. here are some details.

os- xp
amd 64 processor
im using nero express (which is also running extra slow)

let me know what i can do. i apologize if i seem computer illiterate, but please please help me.


You can repair scratched discs using Brasso. Then go to device manager, click on hardware, find your IDE controllers, the right click on 1 and choose properties, then advanced settings choose DMA if available, then do the other channel. Repeat on other IDE controller. Then reboot and using above methods check to make sure DMA is enabled.


Check out this thread, it helped me