DVDFab Platinum 3 and Jump to Split Title

DVDFab Platinum when Checking Disc 2 under Jump to Split Title…In the Split Screen doesn’t work. After Inserting Disc 2, the Menu comes up (which you have to wait for) and after selecting Play, you briefly see the “Insert Disc 1” CGP, and the Movie continues.

I don’t see a mention of it anywhere on the Forum…But it’s kind of a Show-Stopper for me. Trying v. Beta 2 now…

Hi jfagnani,

I’ll check it asap.

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Thanks much…BTW, I installed v3.0.1.5 Beta 2 and with “Preserve Menus…” checked, “Jump to Split Title…” doesn’t work on either Disc 1 or Disc 2 when they are checked.

Hello Fengtao:

I also noticed this issue with Beta 2. Otherwise, all appears ok.


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Please try Beta to see the result:

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In one “trial” Split Disc 2 jumped right to the “Insert Disc 1” CGP for a couple of seconds, then right to the continuation of the Movie. I can see by the “fix” that it’s a “can’t please everybody feature,” due to rearranging the Titlesets, but, to me it seems to be the “best” solution given it’s not a “perfect” World.


I think we should keep “Insert Disc 1” CGP so that we can know there is some content on Disc 1.

Anyway, it will only be displayed for 1-2 seconds which depend on player.

I absolytely agree…Very useful when the Movie “Extras” are really numerous and complicated.

Thanks again…Did I tell you yet that I love it?!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

I have the same problem as the OP with DVDFab Platinum v3.2.1.0 ( trial - I’m trying it out :slight_smile: ).

It’s an episodic disc with three titles. I select a split point right in the middle of the second title. Despite selecting the “Jump to split title” option for Disc 2, it starts off at the menu.

It looks like the software attempted to do right by changing the First-Play commands from:

[71 00 00 0D 00 73 00 00] 1 Set gprm(13) =(mov) 115
[30 06 00 02 00 C0 00 00] 2 (JumpSS) Jump to VMGM PGC 2


[71 00 00 0D 00 73 00 00] 1 Set gprm(13) =(mov) 115
[30 02 00 00 00 04 00 00] 1 (JumpTT) Jump to Title 4

Unfortunately, the preceding Set command causes a conditional jump (VTS pre command) to eventually occur that reroutes playback back to the main menu.

Just an FYI…