DVDFab Platinum Generic Modes

I know you guys are most likely sick of me but, there is still a problem with the Generic modes in the new version, they do not work, thats all the modes iPod, PSP ect…, it maybe my machine but works fine in all modes, did a clean uninstall of and installed When using generic mode, all modes crash and I get a crash report screen, help!!


Like i asked in your other thread…can you load the same .exe on another machine there and see if it still happens? If not then answer no.

This kind of crash happens to me when I have messing with the profiles and leave one mis-named so that Fab can’t find it. If your clean uninstall included the profiles folder this should not be the case. I have not tried yet but the beta works fine for me with the Generic Xvid+MP3 profile.

Ok, I installed on another machine, no go same problem. Is there another place DVDFab stores the profiles besides in its own folder? All I know is this has not worked for me since all these changes were made.