DVDFab Platinum keylogger?



When I downloaded this, my pest patrol program detected a keylogger in the file. I deleted it and tried again with the same result. The beta.exe was OK though. No detection of a keylogger. Was that something that DVDFab included with the for some reason? I just don’t feel that I can be too cautious these days. Thanks for any insight. Here’s some of the gobblety goop from my pest program:

1 aSpy v2.12 <b>Category: </b>Key Logger<br><b>Author:</b> <A href=“http://research.pestpatrol.com/Search/AuthorsHandleResults.asp?Handle=Pro-EXESoftware”>Pro-EXESoftware</A><br><b>Release Date:</b> 12/15/2006 0:00:00<br><b>Background Info:</b> <A href=“http://PestPatrol.com/PestInfo/a/aspy_v2_12.asp”>Click here</A> <b>In File:</b> C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\Temporary Holding\DVDFabPlatinum3086.exe<br><b>PVT:</b> -1897429879<br><b>MD5:</b> 593b8f677d17af9dd5da3f5bbdf7e633<br><b>Date:</b> 3/26/2007 8:32:34 AM<br><b>Company Name:</b> Fengtao Software Inc. <br><b>File Description:</b> DVDFab Platinum Setup <br><b>File Version:</b> <br><b>File Analysis:</b> Look up with <A href=“http://research.pestpatrol.com/FileInfo/FileInfo.asp?MD5=593b8f677d17af9dd5da3f5bbdf7e633”>MD5</A> (recommended) or <A href=“http://research.pestpatrol.com/FileInfo/FileInfo.asp?PVT=-1897429879”>PVT</A>. <b>Certainty:</b> Suspected<br><b>Threatens: </b> <A href=“http://research.pestpatrol.com/WhitePapers/About_Pest_Threats.asp”>Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Liability</A><br><b>Risk:</b> Moderate - this file can be executed!<br><b>Advice:</b> Delete


Hi nodebtdude
some members had trouble with version also, version. beta is ok on my system too.
anytime you run into this problem always good to post your report so others know about the problem thanks


Wow. Thanks for the ultra-quick reply. I have already lurked awhile and taken your settings and advice and put it to use. Thanks for the swap magic ideas also. There’s a lot of knowledge floating around on this forum. Dude!


Yup this forum is the GREATEST :bigsmile: glad the info and settings helped you, stay cool dude


Some programs will give a false positive due to the error report log. I have never had a problem with any malware in any Fab products.