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Hi All

Hope i can get an answer to a strange one? I have just updated to DVDFab Platinum - I tried to back up Ice Age 1 and American Pie 5 naked mile. I checked full disk and left it to do its business it backed up rather fast, On looking at the back up there was only a quarter of the disk burned !! the American pie backup the drive never spit the tray out either. Both disks are region 2 but i backed up The Wicker Man,All The Kings Men and lady In The Water region 1 with no problems at all.


PS log attached


What’s the model of your DVD drive? and it’s region setting?

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The model is NEC DVD-RW-ND-4570A and both drives are set to region 2 its something i have never had to change in the past, I do back up more region 1 dvds than i do region 2.

Hope this helps and thanks for getting back to me


Hi barny7,

Your drive should be ok for backing up different region discs.

Please try to copy the disc again, to hard disk folder, then check the folder size, to see if it’s close to 4300MB.

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