DVDFAB Platinum shuts down pc

Ever since I downloaded the latest upgrade, about 1/2 of my DVDs that I attempt to make a backup of, turn off my laptop part way through the process. This happens when using full disc or main movie. Any ideas on what is wrong? This did not happen with prior versions.


Are you running out of hard drive space?

Good question, but no, I have more than 50 gb free space. I don’t have anything else running at the same time either :frowning: Nor is it the dvd I am trying to backup because when I restart my laptop and start the process again, it works fine.

This used to happen with an earlier version (don’t remember which one) but later upgrades seemed to resolve the problem. It just started to happen again with this latest version.

This may be another stupid question, but it is not going into sleep mode after a certain amount of inactivity?

The only stupid question is the one not asked. No, it is not going into sleep mode due to inactivity. Like I said … it used to happen a lot in an earlier version but seemed to resolve itself with one of the upgrades. Unfortunately, it is not happening with all movies that I backup, and I am successfully able to backup each of the dvd’s that it does happen to with a second try. So it is not anything consistent that I can pinpoint :frowning:

-Same for me! Very often the PC shut down… And have newer happen before with DVD-Fab Gold


Mainly laptops are not really qualified to be used for DVD copying all the time because of restriction in memory sharing, integrated Video card and less powerful processor.

TCAS: I have a “big” Siemens/Fujitsu Scaleo computer, with very good components and I have used DVD-Fab very long time…