DVDFAB Plat, IPod No Processing


Not new to the frustrations of getting my kid’s videos on their zune and ipods, but new to DVDFAB Plat and the forum here.

So after hours of different settings and tests, I had finally picked a compression, format and process, but now DVDFAB has decided that it will show me a blank “Processing” window, and do nothing. Other options work like the DVD to DVD selections, but not IPOD. Another thing…my HardDrive is thrashing about, and task manager shows lots of DVDFab activity, (25% cpu, and 450meg memory) but nothing is showing up. It was working earlier.

Ive tried restarting and restarting, reinstalling, restarting. Still stuck.

Is this the right area to be posting?

basics…4gigs ram, quadcore, vista 32bit just downloaded dvdfab tonight, so it should be lastest version.


You are indeed in the right place but with the wrong person, lol. I am still running XP. Please check your version, it should be Other users have had to manually add DVDFab to the DEP list and there have been other Vista related hiccups, but by and large it has worked OK for most 32 bit users. Try doing a single chapter conversion to see if DVDFab actually will write the output file. Use the Advanced Title Settings button and select a chapter range that begins and ends with the same chapter. Should process in 2-3 minutes with most material and hopefully give you an output file in spite of the blank screen.

Hi jasonjmp and welcome to cdfreaks,

Likewise I am the wrong person…using xp as well (and proud of it).
If my good friend signals’ suggestions don’t work, you may want to take a look at this post (I think the OP was referring to vista 64 bit):


  1. Open the control panel and double-click the “System” icon
  2. Click the “Advanced system settings” link on the left panel
  3. Click the “Settings…” button in the “Performance” section of that page
  4. Click the “Data Execution Prevention” tab on the resulting dialog
  5. If you are having this problem, the option for “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select” will be selected. Leave it on.
  6. Click the “Add…” button below the list box (it will probably be empty).
  7. Use the “Look in:” drop-down list to navigate to C:\Progam Files (x86)
  • (If you’ve installed Vista somewhere else besides C:, look there :slight_smile:
  1. Select the product directory - currently “DVDFab Platinum 3”
  2. Select the product executable - currently “DVDFabPlatinum.exe”
  3. Click the “Open” button
  4. You will see DVDFab in the list with a selected check box next to it.
  5. Click “OK” on the remaining open dialogs and you are all set…"

If you’re interested, here’s the referenced thread:

Hope this helps.