DVDFab Plat iPod conversion problems

Hi everyone, I have come across what seems to be a few bugs in the latest version of DVDFab Platinum when it comes to DVD-iPod conversion.

Situation: I have ripped some episodes off a DVD and they reside on my HDD in vob format in their own directories. They play fine, they are straight 1:1 copies. I want to convert them to an iPod format so first I went with the ipod h264 profile, sound set to 128kb 200% vol, resolution 368x204. A test conversion went fine, no problems. After setting up a batch to run overnight, most of the resulting files had a greyish overlay for the first 5-10 seconds or so before flicking back to normal picture.
That’s bug 1.

After I couldn’t figure out why i got these grey overlays, I switched to the ipod mpeg4 profile, same settings. I actually had to edit the xml file to include the 368x204 res. Again, first test went fine. Again I set up a batch job, though only 3 eps this time. First one was fine, the second and third one however the output was changed from 16:9 to 4:3, so I got two black bars left and right and the picture was distorted.
That’s bug 2.

I tested different resolutions, from 320x240 to 680xetc. The result is the same. Most of the time I end up with a distorted 4:3 picture, even though in the log window it says 16:9 detected. It has also happened when I do just a single episode, no batch. I am at my wits end - maybe 20% of the time I get the correct output.

Any input would be appreciated - if these are indeed bugs I am awaiting the next version eagerly!

P.S.: OS is XP Pro SP2.

Hi cawdor. The problem with H.264 is probably a bug or internal codec startup issue, I get the same thing, but it generally lasts only a few seconds (but sometimes 15-20 seconds). It is not new with

As to the MPEG-4 problems, if you manually select the screen dimensions on the configure screen they should not change, unless the new auto-select feature is overriding the manual input (this would be a very bad thing). I have not done any batch conversions since this feature was added.

OK I have found a solution to the mpeg4 problem:
After setting up the batch jobs as normal, I have to select each batch job file individually and press the “configure” button below and just press “ok” without even changing anything. That ensures that each file is converted with the correct aspect ratio. I did a batch job with 24 files overnight and they all came out correct after I did this.
So it is definitely a bug - the default settings for each file are not applied correctly UNLESS you actually go into the “configure” screen and “ok” out of it.

Thanks for the reply Signals.

This was a known behaviour in much earlier versions that may have crept back in. I don’t do batch conversions often enough to notice. Hopefully Ting will see this and get us a fix for it and the H.264. Glad you found the workaround.