DVDFab Plat issue with burning iso



I would first like to say first no issues burning DVD to DVD so far only started using product this week.
I first noticed issue when I created a iso using DVD shrink which will burn and fit fine on a DVD 5 size disc.
When I try to burn using write data option getting message media inserted is a single layer dual layer is needed o.k or cancel.
I then tried to rip entire DVD 9 to hard disk and use DVD Fab Plat to create iso for DVD 5 which worked fine and tried to burn getting same message which is media inserted is a single layer dual layer is needed.
Only other method I did not try was use DVD to iso to fit on DVD 5 then try to burn using write data option.
I was wondering if some other people can duplicate this problem to see if I found some type of bug on the latest release.


I can’t be sure from the info in your post, but I think the difference in the default sizes for a DVD5 between Shrink (4464MB) and DVDFab (4300) is causing the problem. You can easily reset the DVD5 size in DVDFab in Common Settings–>Write. Use the drop down box at “DVD Writeable Media DVD5 Size” and select Customize. Then enter 4464 or 4474 or whatever you like. I have mine set for 4464 to match DVDShrink. The lower the number, the less close to the outer edge of the disc you write. This is where many cheap blanks have errors. Good media is no problem for me at 4464 setting.:slight_smile:


I adjusted the custom size to 4464 to match Dvd Shrink. I used DVD Fab to create iso from a DVD 5 DVD and was able to burn iso no problem. I will now take a DVD 9 DVD ie Men in Black II and create DVD 5 iso and see if that has no problems burning…


It should work fine (hope so anyway). Post if it doesn’t. That will be heavily compressed–let me know how the picture quality is when you play it back.


O.K. looks like issue is only when going from DVD 9 dual layer media to DVD 5 iso. When you try to write it ask for dual layer media.


This message is being generated because Write Data does NO processing of the files (including compression, which would be necessary to make DVD9 fit a DVD5). When using Write Data, the files must be 100% ready to burn. You would need to use the ISO as a Source in Full Disc mode if you want to fit the files on a DVD5 (or you could write them in Full Disc to an ISO that would be compressed to DVD5 size, then burn that either direct after it compresses or with Write Data). Read the mode descriptions here. That might clear up some of the confusion.:slight_smile: