Dvdfab pause/skip during playback

I have been using dvdfab latest release to split dvds to two dics. During playback I get several pause/skips throughout the movie on all dvds on several players on both discs. This problem developed only after I started using dvdfab and started splitting dvds. I have always used dvd shrink, dvd decrypter and nero with no problems, even compressed with dvd shrink. I have encoded the two discs using nero alone, nero through shrink, dvd decrypter and dvdfab all with the pause/skipping during playback. I have also tried a number of combinations from writing directly to disk, writing and image and then burning, ripping with dvd decrypter and then splitting, then burning, etc. I am assuming dvdfab must be the culprit since I have never had this problem until I threw dvdfab into the mix and started splitting and have tried all kinds of combinations with the same result. I have seen layer breaks from dual layer disks and the problem mimics that, but quite a bit more often.

Thanks, Johnny Utah

Well johnny we all had similar trouble. Here’s my advice watch out the kind of media you pick. This may be one of the causes. Second: do not use more than 4x :disagree: to burn. I had some trouble with DVD+R medias in standalone players. :frowning: Never with DVD-R. Hope this might help you…

Sounds like bad or incompatible media to me. Either you’ve switched brands recently or you’ve got a dodgy batch. There is no possible way that Dvd Fab could be causing the problems you describe.