DvdFab Passkey



I was just on the DvdFab home page and noticed Passkey, I have had DvdFab almost from the beginning but never paid attention to their other products, this program is supposed to decrypt in the background according to the description, has anyone used it feel its on a par with the likes of AnyDvd, which I alredy have, just curious. T.I.A.


Passkey performs the same function as AnyDVD, it only bypasses the encryption/copy protection and gives you the option to create a full disc image.

I rather like it, the free version handles my DVD needs very well.


Thanks, I,ll give it a try, curious as to how it will compare to AnyDvd, a fantastic tool, but not free.Just noticed, mine is a 30 day trial, except for Lite, is that what you have?


I have the full DVD version & it has worked when I’ve tested it.

A couple of things you might like to know.
It complains when you have AnyDVD installed.
I don’t remember if AnyDVD complains about DVDFab Passkey.
I don’t keep it installed for that reason.

I also haven’t checked to see if the US version has a problem now.
Maybe that is just for blu-ray .


Thanks Cholla, just experimenting, have absolutely no problems ever with AnyDvd.


Like “Cholla” says …"Passkey will not tolerate “anyhd” you will have to disable it(anydvdhd) to use it.


Thanks Mosis, exited AnyDvd and it works fine, ripped a blu-ray to HD, no problem, I have a 30 day trial, then I think its about $65.00 to buy. Don’t think the free version will work on blu-ray. But I can see where it is a good decrypter.