DVDFab Passkey is out (Nov 11, 2010)

DVDFab Passkey


Passkey has been free for quite some time and we hope you have enjoyed using it. It will now be available in 3 versions: Passkey for DVD, Passkey for Blu-ray and Passkey Lite.

Passkey DVD works with DVD discs only, likewise Passkey Blu-ray. A one year license for Passkey for DVD is $40, Passkey for Blu-ray is $60, or get both for the package price of $80. The prices here do not include any promotional discount that may be available on the website.

Passkey Lite will have reduced functionality (see below), but will work with both DVD and Blu-ray and will continue to be FREE. Passkey DVD will be FREE for all license holders of DVDIdle Pro and Region+CSS free. If your existing license is for DVDIdle or Region Lite, you will be able to purchase Passkey for DVD at a 50% discount. You must Register (click here) or login(click here) to use the Members area at dvdfab.com to take advantage of this offer.

The automated fulfillment of this offer requires that you know the email address with which you purchased any of the listed products. If you do not have access to that email address, you will need to update your records before you will be able to download the new key. These are the only grandfathered discounts that will be offered on Passkey 8,
which means there is no discount available for owning other DVDFab products (DVD/BD Copy or Ripper, etc.). Passkey is a different product with a different purpose than the other DVDFab offerings, so purchasing from one product family does not produce a discount for the other. Thanks for understanding. We appreciate and respect all our existing customers and work every day to make all DVDFab products the best you can find.

Passkey Lite limitations:
*The DVD function does not have PathPlayer
*The Blu-ray function does not support BD+ removal or MKBv12+
An error message will be displayed if the content you are processing exceeds the capabilities of the free (Lite) version.

Worth every dime. Most of the users of this program will benefit greatly as it works with many programs. Free trial, and great support , what more could you ask for.:wink:

Would someone like to explain the significance of MKBv12+, why it is not supported, and the effects it will have on decryption of future blu ray releases when using the Lite version?

The lack of BD+ support alone makes the Lite version something I cannot recommend, even for casual users.