Dvdfab or others download question

like to purchase a dvd copy program, I see all are via downloads. Question is with fab and others, if I down load to a . . . say . . . desk top file then can I burn the file to a cd so I will have a complete reinstall disc in case crash problems or?
Next question . . when I burn a dvd copy with the software let me burn more then one copy (one for my sun and one for my wife)?

Yes you could that that. Backup your programs to disc is a good idea. Most of the DVD Copy programs offer free trials, I would do that and see what you like best before commiting to any one program.:iagree:

Don’t forget to back up your key for Fab or whichever program you choose :wink:

Actually a good thing to do, is run Belaric Advisor. It will list all software on your system, and all of the serial numbers, drivers, etc. I have one printed off for each of my systems, and I keep it in my safe, along with my backup cd’s and dvd’s.