DVDFab or AnyDVD HD for Blu-ray backup?

Hello, I’m choosing between DVDFab and AnyDVD HD for Blu-ray backup for movies. I read many posts but can’t figure which one, as both have cons and pros.

AnyDVD HD rip BD+ and rip to ISO. DVDFab can rip movie only, select subtitles and audio, and have preview.

So if you in my shoes, which one you will get or buy? why?

I have another post for choosing blu-ray writer if you want to help me too.

I voted for anydvd hd as it will fix all BD+ something Fab is lacking currently. For shrinking BD’s look at BD Rebuilder or Clown BD they are free and great for shrinking. Or if you want a 1:1 copy use Imgburn to burn and rip all free except AnyDVD HD.

BD+ support is very important, without that you will not be able to backup all disc especially Twentieth Century’s FOX titles. I would prefer AnyDVD HD but if you want the features offered by DVDFab, you might want to wait until BD+ is supported.

Other than that, there is a difference between how DVDFab and AnyDVD handles the disc. In [I]some cases[/I], since DVDFab have the preview which is similar to “player” it will trigger BD Riplock that slows down ripping speed to your harddrive to reduce noise. Not all Blu-ray drive is affected but one example is Sony BWU-300S, using DVDFab it rips at 2x speed while AnyDVD rips at full 8x speed.

You can turn off the preview in fab