DVDfab opens multiple times

Anyone know why it does this? After I copy a movie, I’ll put in my next one and another DVDfab window opens up, so I get two on the screen at once, the last time I did it I had three of them open at the same time. I think it slows down my computer, so then I have to figure out which one I want open and close the other one.

I’m not sure about this one and I won’t have access to a computer for a while as I’m on vacation but it sounds like it’s possibly your Windows autorun settings.

Check and see what program is associated with DVDs and if it’s DVDfab change your autorun settings so that DVDFab isn’t launched automatically.

Sorry I can’t be more specific ATM but I’ve only an iPad for the next week or so.


Probably AutoPlay is set to launch DVDFab automatically.

In Control Panel open AutoPlay and change the settings for DVD movie, and possibly also Enhanced DVD movie and Blu-ray disc movie.

(Assuming you have Windows 7)

Thanks Drage. :wink: