Dvdfab: only 4 copy modes

Purchased dvdfab platinum with the mobile option. Works fine for what I have needed thus far. However I have noticed on the main screen under dvd to dvd there is only 4 copying modes (the full disc, main movie, split and write data. Back story when I first downloaded I got the file from the dvdfab.net website which I believe stormjumper kindly offered the advice that in order to get the CSS version you have to download from dvdfab.com. This fix worked however it is from there that I received this version minus the 4 other copy modes. Did I copy the wrong one? Can I safely take out all of the dvdfab material and start over without jeopordizing losing my order.??? Any ideas ??? This is probably an easy fix but I don’t want to take any chances. thanks for your consideration.

please check your settings custom ui

are all the dvd to dvd modes listed, you should have eight?

no just the 4 listed …full disc…main movie…split… and write disc

That did it Troy I knew it would be something simple that I was overlooking. Thanks for the help, from all of us computer challenged!!!

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