Dvdfab now limits Bluray copies to Ten a day

Nobody needs to backup more than 10 discs a day. If you have 20 then do 10 a day for 2 days. But if you are a making a living selling your copies for 10 bucks on the street corner you deserve to be limited. The program is meant for consumers who want to make 1 back up of a movie they own. That’s it period.

The problem here is why are you policing them unless they committed a crime right? Are they going to break down everyone door to verify whom is doing what? The logic behind this is akin to big brother telling one what they can and can’t do even though they bought it but the buyers were never told ahead of time - oh wait you spent $$$ but now we have the power to control what you do with our software? The other software I use for DVD and BD although I wish I could do more then 10 copies a day more or less will burn out my burner first. There is no proof their buyers are doing this if that was the case they should make it known but even that is like pulling teeth out. If there is problem they should just come clean and not do this cloak and dagger tactics.

No one needs to make more than 10 back ups in one day Period. Think about that for a second, before you go off half cocked with some kind of conspiracy theory. Big Brother, give me a break. LOLOLOL

Well just maybe they cant afford more bandwidth 10K to 50k TB is expensive for a company to have availability world wide . every time there is an update the mega traffic hits them all at once then shuts them down of the BIG FILE SWAPPING , . Well it looks like their software will get more expensive to pay for it.

Alan some of us can back up our BD/DVD’s in just a couple of hrs and not all day , but they should have made an announcement before they instrumented this restriction, along with being listed in their USE policy…

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I havent made a back up disc in 3 years, but had I still be doing this I never would have noticed.

I probably would not have noticed either they can limit it to one a day for all I care I always have other tools that work equally well as fab I am just glad that customers will know about it as it is only the fair and correct thing for dvdfab to do IMHO.

AMEN on that

Not if you paid for the product only to find out later ops your restricted because we had a bad business model to start with and didn’t anticipate this happening. This will cause blowback regardless of the restriction when their users find out. The Fair and Correct thing to do was to notify their customer base prior to doing this but from the reads so far was this was done without their knowledge or consulting them of the change. It comes down to this…

You bought the product and it had no restriction and now it has been restricted regardless of what others my try to sugar coat it - it was done without one knowing until you hit the magical 10 count. How many copies one makes shouldn’t make a difference unless it was verified they were making some kinda business from it and even then they are making a big assumption but yet to show how they could verify this claim.

Oh yeah, I’m glad I didn’t buy this product cause I did consider it but now with this tactic my money will be better spent elsewhere.

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Even though most people don’t backup more than 10 discs a day,I feel that every customer ‘has to pay’ now for Fab’s Cinavia removal solution,whether you’re using it,or not…
And yes,you can contact their staff to lift the cap,but what if every1 suddenly starts doin’ that ?
I know bandwidth is expensive,but what would you say if your ISP starts capping you because it’s Bittorrent users are hogging 2 much bandwidth ?


Great points RW I think we both know where this is headed they now have the Fab movie server and now screen capture for dvdfab to for IOS with everything they are adding I only see that they will at some point start charging some kind of fee in the near future even if you have lifetime licenses like I have.

Lucy from dvdfab only implied they could lift the number restriction she did not say how much more it would cost or not.

The writing is on the wall just a matter of when IMO.

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Ten copies a day is more than reasonable for personal use.

If someone is claiming that they need to back up more than ten discs every day then something is seriously wrong as there aren’t even enough waking hours in the day to watch that many discs. :rolleyes:

That’s not my point…my point is the restriction they’ve put up to protect the bandwidth that’s eaten by other modules and software solutions which a lot of customers are not interested in…:sunglasses:
Maybe they should release their blu-ray database on peer 2 peer networks,so people can backup their whole library on a rainy week,while Fab saves it’s bandwidth for their other services…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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TBH I don’t see the problem with that.

They’ve protected the bandwidth for other users, so they’re not affected, and they’ve set a limit for Blu-ray users that’s relatively generous gven the purposes of the software.

As far as I see it the only people that wouldn’t be happy with this are those seeking to abuse the intentions of the Blu-ray software, and I don’t think anyone reasonable would see this as an issue.

I guess that’s my problem… I’m not reasonable…I don’t like to bend over to let some crap shoved in…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am going to apologize in advance, before hand before the Flaming Krap storm will hit after reading my post but fact its fact and all this nonsense being relayed can be fixed , it just cost money an DF makes a chunk of it world wide they this was going to happen before they let loose with the products.

I am sorry I have to disagree here , My point the price they charge for this software is efficient enough to pay for High band width server to handle there world wide users , Next they new there servers were going to be taxed heavily when they added the Media Server , Along with store the complete Audio Files for Blu-Ray and DVD which is why they are limiting use that consumes extream band width .

I own a Domain an Webhosting Company , I am sorry if your going to play you must pay for the equipment that takes care of your customer , I know what it cost and they do have a world wide community to service , So it is BS they cap they cant afford the High end Bandwidth Servers or they are in process of doing so. either way it should have been announced before they did the Limit so the users could make an intelligent decision on purchase before buying the product In THEIR EULA

BTW most PPL compress there back ups My system allows me to do 4 at a a time and convert all to MKV , I dont waste my time making BD /DVD plastic disk that consume mass amount of pancake stacks. After 15 yrs in this its HOBBY BS to say what you as a paying customer that was not allowed to make an intelligent decision to buy a limiting use product…

Thus they makae a hell of a lot of money on this product by their own statement Millions have been sold , So DF buy the bandwidth , Hell I would rent you the servers but in the USA its illegal on what your doing an ICANN would pull my License in a blink . so buy them there in China they are cheap where you are China makes a ton of knockoffs.

Ok ive stated my knowledge , If you dont own a Domain and Hosting company and do not know what can an cannot be done , Dont respond with a retort on a subject you dont know what can an cant be done… I have 17 plus yrs in the business .Thousands of client world wide .

Boy this should bring on a Krap storm of rebuttal.

So here is another Hummmm since they limit your back up ability " Will the new Media Server limit how many title you can watch being its streamed an uses Bandwidth it works on the same principle as the backups Bandwidth is bandwidth

No abuse of what we paid for that is pure BS the company added so much crap that passkey takes 3 minutes or more to open a bluray it takes redfox maybe 30 seconds we paid good money with no limitations the company needs more bandwidth short and simple but as long as they can get away with this pure BS…they will.

I buy lots of blurays like a 100 at a time I keep the ones I want and resell the rest and for me to get this BS from a very expensive software is totally BS and you do not see the limitations on the home page listed do you?

I thought not…

If I want to do out of one of my lots twenty in a day to rip to my server I should be able to do so that is what I paid for.

Very seldom I would do any where ten in a day but that does not excuse DVDFAB from the limitations without any notice it is no different than buying a car…whoops I forgot to disclose your Vehicle will shut down after 50 miles per day due to…after the fact… clean air emissions…

What he said DITTO

So what’s the highest number of films you’ve ever actually watched in a single day?

What does that have to do with anything…Ripping a lot I buy to my hard drives so I can watch them later does…

I guess your missing the point maybe you should see how long it now takes to open a bluray with fab AIO or passkey because the company does not have the bandwidth they need to serve their customers we can debate this until the cows come in fact is fact.

slow is slow…No problem with Redfox…I am not swallowing Dvdfabs reply here when I know why and so do you.

I’m referring to the ten disc limit which you seemed to be raising as a problem.

The point is that this program is designed for personal use and is intended for backing up discs that you own and retain.

If there aren’t enough hours in a day to even watch ten discs in a row then how can that limit not be reasonable?

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