DVDFab notification e-mail with suspicious links



I just received an e-mail from DVDFab that was flagged as a scam, which seemed unusual at first as it didn’t appear like the usual financial scams such as Paypal phishing.

Upon a closer look, the URLs in the e-mail actually did appear suspicious to my eyes, i.e. dvdfab.com.bmetrack.com, until I checked bmetrack.com and see that the domain belongs to a e-mail marketing service.

Although I can understand this technique being used to track readers who click a ‘Download’ or ‘More info’ link in an e-mail, these type of links really should not be used where the URL in the e-mail shows one URL and it points to a totally different URL on another domain as shown in this screenshot:

Besides many spam filters detecting this type of link as a scam, I’m fairly sure some e-mail services silently delete e-mails which contain URLs that point somewhere else. Basically this type of link is little different to a Paypal phishing e-mail saying to visit http://www.paypal.com/, where the link actually points to http://www.dodgysite.info/


You can never be too careful Seán and I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate the warning.

There are scams for nearly everything these days and DVDFab is popular enough to attract the scammers.