DVDFab not seeing both drives

I just replaced my old DVDRom with one from a Compaq system. The older drives tray eject gear had failed. The Compaq unit works fine. The system sees it and Windows detects and recognizes the DVD. PowerDvd 7 will play the disc. However, DVDFab will not start the disc detection process unless I put it in the DVD burner. I have had this problem in the past although DVDFab would eventually start recognizing the disc. Is there something I can do to force this in the future?

Sounds like the autorun is turned off on the Compaq drive, try turning it on if that is what you want to happen.

I found a possible fix on the Microsoft site called AUTOFIX.EXE. It is supposed to fix the problem that XP has with occasionally breaking the autoplay feature. I will let you know what happens.

Some of the Old Compaq Drives can be tricky, Hope the AutoFix program takes care of it for you.

If not let us know the Model number and we may be of more assistance.

Good Luck

Well, I finally got around to running the AUTOFix program. It found and fixed a problem with the Autoplay on the burner but no problems on the player. Still, DVDFab is the only program having a problem with it.

The DVD Player is a Compaq DVD Rom SD-608.

Try setting DVDFab to ASPI I/O mode in Common Settings->Read.

No luck. I tried both ASPI and SPTI modes. Same effect.