DVDFab not removing protection during copy

I have a DVD that is set to the wrong region code. I assumed that if I copied it with DVDFab, with all the protection settings checked off, that the copy would be reset to the correct region code and all protection would be removed.

I have now tried using “Clone”, “full disc”, and “main movie” all resulting in DVDFab copying the WRONG region code to the new disc. When I place either disc in my DVD player I am getting a “Playback prohibited by area limitations” error.

Isnt DVDFab supposed to remove all protection from the copy and set the region code to whatever you select!!?

You say the disk is set to the wrong region code. Is this disk a copy? Check the common setting and look at RCE and make sure the drop down box is set the the “wrong” region the disk is set to (not the region you want it set to)

Yes the original disc I am working with is a copy. I dont know what region the disc I am trying to copy is, but I need the NEW copy I make to be region 1…

I tried changing the RCE to 2 and it didnt make a difference. For some reason DVDFab is not changing the region to 1 when it copies this disc.

Hi wireman121,
you understand something wrong. DVDFab removes the region code. Your copy is region free. I have reading in the www, that there are some dvdplayer out, who not play region free discs. Maybe, this is your problem ?



Decrypting software will remove copy protection including RCE, ie., the bkup will be rendered region free…not set to whatever region you choose.
You have other issues here. I suspect you are probably trying to play a PAL format disc in a NTSC player or vice versa, but you didn’t give enough info.

Also a word of caution…
You must own the original disc and not just a copy. (Read the forum rules)
I’m not accusing you of anything…like I said, simply a word of caution

maineman, it is not a copy protected disc.

and I also just tried it in another player, which is telling me it is a PAL disc and it wants a NTSC disc. I guess Sony’s way of saying that is to say it is “Playback prohibited by area limitations”

so now my question changes. How do I change this from a PAL disc to a NTSC disc, since apparently all of my DVD players can only play NTSC?

I don’t belive it’s the dvdfab software that’s causing the problem. There is a software
you can use with dvdfab called dvd region free css. This software sells for $35.95
for download,but they do give you a free trial. This may solve your playback problem.
Good Luck ZAP.

Hi wireman121…and btw, a belated welcome to cdf… :iagree:
It’s a major PITA to convert PAL <—> NTSC.
Most ppl opt for player of capable of both formats. You can buy one for $55-65, but if this is your only “problem” disc, then this is a bad deal for you.

I’ve never done this conversion, but most folks say it’s a major pain-in-the-butt.
Here are a number of links and options.
Good luck…hope this helps:


I choose to buy 2 players that play any region and PAL on NTSC. I buy several DVDs from a seller overseas that are PAL. They are Promotional Over runs that have been remastered to include English audio and come in a cardboard sleeve. They are not the big name production companies, but I enjoy them. They ship for $5 per order and cost between $9 & $15 each. One player that I bought had a warning that it might not play burnt DVDs but it does, so I use it to test burns.

ConvertXtoDVD do your needed job too…

I assume NTSC is the more common format? I guess I will have to convert this, seeing as all 5 of the players in my house are not capable of playing it - I’m going to assume NTSC is more common.

You decide : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:PAL-NTSC-SECAM.svg

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I guess your DVD player only support NTSC video playback, but the disc is authored as PAL video. Please check the manual of your DVD player.

If so, it has nothing to do with DVDFab, since DVDFab will not convert between NTSC and PAL, and it’s not a protection.