DVDFab not recognizing inserted DVDs

I only have a few HD DVDs and BD DVDs. When I insert them in my LG combination drive, I can play all of them fine using PowerDVD.

When I run DVDFab however, about half of the BD and HD discs are not recognized. First there is a DVDFab pop-up that says something like “Scanning DVD …” with a blue progress meter. After that goes away, then the DVD source combo box at the top of DVDFab either changes to the name of the DVD when it works, or continues to say something like “Please insert DVD or select folder …” when it does not work. Some of the unrecognized discs are BD, and some are HD.

I have tried disabling Pathfinder and it makes no difference.

Is there a log for DVDFab that will help me diagnose why DVDFab did not recognize the DVD after scanning?

Has anyone else had this problem?


this is a known problem. the integration of blu-ray and HD into dvdfab is still in the early stages. these options are not available in the gold/platinum versions. only in the free dvdfabhd. just keep checking back for updates. also someone who figures out a work around for this might post back. keep in touch.


I am using DVDFab HD Decrypter version I just downloaded and tryed Beta with no difference - still not recognzing the discs even though PowerDVD does play them. Any ideas?


see if this helps, some users say it does not help but others say it helps.

I do not totally understand the revocation process, but I think since I can play the movies via PowerDVD, then the drive has not been revoked. Also, DVDFab does recognize about half of the movies both HD and BD, so I don’t think the DVDFab software has been revoked.

Some of the ones I can play using PowerDVD but not see in DVDFab are:
Transformers (HD)
Ratatouille (BD)
Live Free Die Hard (BD)

By the way, what gets revoked, the DRIVE or the SOFTWARE?