DVDFab noobie no audio help



Hey all. Just got DVDFab Plat. edition. Of course no instructions but this forum has been a very great source of knowledge. Anyway, when making a full disc copy of a DVD to my computer hd to watch on my computer, I get the video portion of the move but no audio. Only subtitles appearing at the bottom. I haven’t changed any of the default settings basically because I know nothing of what they mean. I did do a full disc copy to a dual layer dvd and that came out perfect. My computer is a new HP a1748x-b. Good enough to to do this I think. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong or settings I need to adjust? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ironchild
Welcome :smiley:
What software are you using to play it on your computer :confused:


Windows Media Player…not sure of version but I would assume it’s the latest and greatest. I checked for some sort of audio/mute settings in it but couldnt find any. Thanks for the quick reply!


Running Vista if that matters also. Thanks for the welcome!!!


32 or 64 ?




You have checked the Volume control for the computer itself didn’t you :confused:


I haven’t heard of to many issues with the 32 bit version. Himmmm, let me dwell on this k ? ~ Mike


Good thought Tim, I was just thinking about that myself :bow:


Volume level on computer is good LOL. Yes speakers are plugged in too!! My original DVD plays fine in Windows Media Player from the DVD drive. It’s just the copy on my hard drive that is playing with no audio. grrrrrrr…


Hi Ironchild
If you right click on the small speaker icon in your system tray and click on “OPEN VOLUME CONTROL” it will open the the volume control center, and at the bottom you will see 4 boxes for MUTE one which says MUTE ALL the others just says MUTE make sure none of them are cheched if one is UNCHECH it and then close the volume control center and see if that works for you and let us know if it does



does this backup disc have sound if you play it on a normal DVD PLAYER not your computer :confused:


Hmmmmmmmmm I have never tried to play a movie from the hard drive, don’t even know how to go about it (dummie)


When I right click the speaker icon I can open the Volume Mixer Controls. In that I have 2 choices: Speakers and Windows Sounds. Neither are muted.


No “backup disc”. I copied my movie to the hard drive and am playing off that. I did copy this movie onto a disc and it played and sounded fine.


The movie folder does it contain a AUDIO_TS folder :confused:




So it plays ok (ie., with audio) from the bkup disc, but not off the hdd which contains the files that you burned from?
Are you certain the correct audio track is being selected on playback?


Ok just so things dont get mixed up here. First I copied the movie to my hard drive. I ended up with a folder (ie the name of the movie). Inside that folder is a windows media player video clip icon. When I double click on that the movie starts up but no audio. So then I played the movie straight off the original disc in Windows Media player and it played fine with audio. Next I copied the movie to a dual layer DVD and played that in both my computer and a normal DVD player and it played fine. So it seems the issue is when I copy it to my computer hard drive and try and play it from that. I hope this is making some sort of sense to someone lol.


Ok, that’s sort of what I thought, but it’s still unclear.
I know that it plays fine from the discs…original and bkup.
Are you attempting to play the movie off your hdd from the [B]same[/B] files that you successfully burned from?
Sorry if this still confusing…if this is the same file you burned from, the audio has to be there