DVDFab - No Audio on Video Preview

Does the Video preview function in DVDFab Platinum have audio? I have never been able to get this to work - if it is there.

Tried codec packs but nothing. I have perfect audio in preview function with DVDShrink, Nero Recode and DVD Audio Extractor.

I have spent hours trying to sort this out - then got to wondering - maybe audio is not even supported. One way to find out is to ask the helpful guys on CDFreaks forum.

I don’t think that is a function.


Probably doesn’t because of licensing fees. That is why CloneDVD2 doesn’t have it. You have to pay a fee to Dolby and whoever has the rights for DTS to use it.

Don’t know if it’s a rights issue, since most DVDs don’t have DTS tracks, and the more common MPEG and PCM audio streams are royalty free, but note that the preview window runs way above normal playback speed; you wouldn’t be able to tell much about the audio anyway.:slight_smile:

Thanks Guys - at least I know it’s not my system and I’m not missing out on something. :smiley:

Hey - I was wondering the same thing! Nice to know it isn’t me! As an aside - in the prefs, where it gives me the option of pre-selecting a language (english) for the subtitles and an audio format when multiple tracks are found, What should I select?? I don’t have DTS or Dolby™® equipment - what is the default DVD format? MPEG2?


Hi Snips,
Every DVD runs fine with the AC3 sound. I had tried the DTS only channel and find out, that some DVD-Player do not give analog output (Scart or Cinch). If you using AC3/LPCM or whatever soundformats on disc, you should have no problems to play any movie on DVD-Burner/Reader with software player or standalone player (TV).
BTW: MPEG2 is the standard Video Format, AC3 is standard audio format, some DVDs have MPEG1 audio format (really rare, see it only 1 times here in Germany). AC3 is more compressed as DTS. DTS sounds better, but you found DTS not on all discs, but AC3, i bet, 99 % on all discs. AND without DTS equipment its possible to hear nothig on analog channels. So its your personally choise, wich audio you want to copy.

Hi StirlingMac,
The preview window in DVDFab Platinum is not important. What this software do, is very important. Its one of the best i have found in the www. DVDFab don’t use external codecs in the moment. Its not fair, to judge a good program bad, because the preview is without sound. I don’t need the preview window of DVDFab. It works best for me without :smiley:

Hi Amega Freak

Thanks for input. Please understand I am in no way judging DVDFab for this one issue.

I have a huge collection of Music DVD,s which sometimes I like to compile my own compilations. The audio in the preview would of been ideal here, but in no way alters my total admiration for DVDfab.

I do all my backup’s, burns etc on a stand alone Pc - not connected to the internet - and I never have any of the issues alot of DVDfab users have . I have successful burns with really low class, cheap media and in my 3 years with DVDfab have probably burned only 3 coasters.

I count myself lucky and love this program and support it 100%.


Hi StirlingMac,
my english is not the best :a . Sometimes I do understand a bit wrong :cool: . Hope you excuse me. It’s not my intension to insult somebody in this Forum.