DVDFab Naming Sequence Question

I have DVD Fab, am copying DVDs onto my laptop to watch, mainly full seasons of TV programmes. I am unsure of how DVDFab seems to name files, and as far as I can see it doesn’t seem to be a logical sequence, for example VTS_01_1.VOB does not seem to be episode 1 of season 1?

Can anyone help???


nicola :flower:

Welcome Nicola,

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VTS_01_1.VOB can be anything. It could be a trailer. It all depends on how the original was authored.

DVDFab works by Titles, not files since as Dialysis correctly pointed out, there is no requirement that a given VOB is the main movie or first episode. You should select the titles for copying using the Preview window to see which is which. If you have PathPlayer in the Always Enable (default) mode, the titles will be listed in playback order in the DVDFab window.

Thank you :flower: