DVDFab: Name File Output to Mobile Device?



In a recent update to DVDFab (I now have I must have changed some of the settings and now I can’t figgure out how to get back to what I had.

I select an .iso file (say Mongol.iso) to convert to an .m4v file for loading to my iPhone. I select the .iso and clk Start. I use to end up with a file like Mongol.m4v (smart pgm picked up the file name from the iso). Now I end up with a file named DVD_VOLUME.Title1.DVDRip.m4v. With my memory span, forget knowing what it contains tomorrow. And, If I try ripping several iso files in one setting it’s a real mess. I’ve looked thru the Settings but can’t find anything that looks obvious.

Help would be appreciated…


I responded to this in the other thread you started.