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As previously announced, this month, before the holiday season we are running a contest together with DVDFab where you can win DVDFab products by writing a review of your favourite movie. Unfortunately there haven’t been many of you who actually wrote a review. Good for those who participate because a higher chance of actually winning a price, but of course we’d love more contestants! Therefore we’ve dropped the Facebook requirement which should enable more of you to join.

There’s only one requirement left, write a review of a movie you’ve seen. We’ll award you with fantastic free DVDFab software, so give it a go! We’re not expecting Shakespear quality here, so everyone can participate. Read on to get to the important part, the prizes generously donated by DVDFab…

The good stuff: prizes

[li]1x DVDFab All-In-One 2 year license
[/li][li]2x DVDFab DVD Copy
[/li][li]3x DVDFab Passkey DVD
This means we’ll have six potential winners!

How can you win those fantastic prizes?

To become eligible you have to write a review on your favourite movie and post it in this thread in the Myce DVDFab Forum

The boring stuff: rules

[li]The movie must be a maximum of 1 year old
[/li][li]The review should contain at least 300 words
[/li][li]Winners will be picked by DVDFab and Myce staff, based on quality and comments from other users
[/li][li]The review must be unique, should not be posted on any other website or written by someone else, this will be checked. If you get caught you will be banned from this and future contests. We will also revoke your key if found afterwards
[/li][li]You will be contacted through the e-mail address provided in your profile
[/li][li]Prizes are provided by DVDFab directly, Myce is not responsible in case of failure of delivery
[/li][li]DVDFab and Myce staff and immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the contest

Thanks for deleting my comment. I guess you don’t have a sense of humor :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=FreqNasty_RiseS;2667343]Thanks for deleting my comment. I guess you don’t have a sense of humor :)[/QUOTE]

Contrary to expectations there are no sense of humour by-passes here, but let’s keep this thread on topic please. :wink:


I’m not joining facebook so I’m already eliminated .
You have to register at facebook to do a “Like” .

For those that do this contest how about allowing a movie review of a movie someone disliked . That way it could be either . It might be more interesting .
Let the reviewer decide whether to reveiw a movie they liked or one they disliked .
Either being considered equally relevent for the contest.

Well, I’ll be writing one up here shortly. Just watched a movie that isn’t my normal blood and guts shoot-em-up, and it wasn’t too bad. Do we just post the review here in this thread?

[QUOTE=WTexSkeptic;2668232]Well, I’ll be writing one up here shortly. Just watched a movie that isn’t my normal blood and guts shoot-em-up, and it wasn’t too bad. Do we just post the review here in this thread?[/QUOTE]

Yes, that’s as good a place as any WTexSkeptic and if you’ve any queries please feel free to ask.

They’re good prizes too, so well worth winning.


Welcome to my review of Pitch Perfect. This movie is a take on the old standby formula of guys versus girls on a college campus. Pitch Perfect tries to freshen this plot up a little by having the two groups competing in acapella singing contests, trying to reach the US national championships.

The movie starts off with a scene from the year before, where the girl group, the Bellas, fails miserably in the final round of the competition, with one of their singers throwing up on the audience. This humiliating defeat leads to problems in recruiting new members the next year, and the two leaders of the Bellas have to relax their strict requirements for possible membership. So instead of a group of slender white gals, we get a complete mix in this new version of the Bellas, with a chubby, rambunctious Australian, a black lesbian and a shy, very strange Asian girl. Which leads us to our main character, Becca. She is a reluctant recruit, with a thoroughly modern take on music and music production. The tension between the traditional approach favored by the leader of the Bellas and a need for modernization of their music choices is the main story line in the film.

Becca, played by Anna Kendrick, is withdrawn from contact from most people, and the film explores her gradual change from isolation to wanting to be a part of this group. And there is the inevitable love story angle thrown in as well, with Becca and one of the members of the guy group of singers dancing round one another throughout the movie.

Though the movie won’t win any dramatic awards, it is a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. The singing is really quite good, and the music mixes combining songs from different eras gives it some appeal to younger audiences. There are some tired cliches thrown in of course. The buffoon who leads the guy group is a waste of space on the screen, and the commentators watching the performances of the various acapella groups wore on my nerves. And the old style singing performances of the traditional Bellas were cringeworthy. But overall this was worth watching, and I give it a mild endorsement.

Great review WTexSkeptic! We’ve also updated the rules now and removed the Facebook requirements, so we hope more people will participate.

Iron Sky:

The people who brought you Star Wreck, a cult parody obviously about Star Trek, have come up with an awesome funny “what if?” movie.

The story begins when two astrounauts are trying to find a new fuel source on the moon. What they end up finding is a Nazi basement that has been hidden from Earth since World War II.

The viewer quickly finds himself in one of the funniest and cheesiest movies about the nazis ever made. The visuals are stunning and very strange. The acting is done way over the top, yet the movie also tells us the important lesson that some old ideas may never die.

The nazis are terribly concinved about the good they will do for humanity by destroying (most of) it. For that purpose they have been building one of the biggest mass destruction robots you have seen in a long time (excluding Transformers movies). They do however lack a vital component to make good use of it, so they travel back to Earth to get it and occasonally spread their ideas.

The president of the States eagerly adopts their very useful ideas, but chases the nazis back to their moon base after feeling betrayed by them. There they meet with the awesome power of the nazi forces.

The movie is made by Europeans (Finnish to be exact), so it gives you a very non-American version of humor. If you don’t like absurd things, Monty Python style or can’t see past the self-mockery you will have a tough time to laugh at this movie. You might even feel insulted a little.

The product in whole however is wonderfully made. Nice cinematography and a good music score. It is defenitely worth to watch on Blu-Ray, perhaps only for the reason to say to yourself “What the hell did i just watch?” :slight_smile:

Nice one Mr. B!

What a weird plot for a film though. I’m now tempted to watch that one.


I am reviewing a movie I have just finished. While it was not a bad movie by any stretch, I cannot say that it was a particularly good movie. Prometheus starts out in a way similar to Alien and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Large landscapes, discovery of object, space ship, humans in stasis, ship running itself, even the ship and crew waking up and having a meal and briefing have all been played out before. This movie was very predictable and easy to guess what was going to happen. One of the better parts of this movie are the effects. The cool holographic recordings are used to show the android David how to use items found on the planet and what happened on the planet to the so called engineers. In 2001 A Space Odyssey fashion the computer (Android David) turns on its human counter parts. It infects one of the crew with a black liquid that he picked up from the planet. The alien inside me from the Alien movies is repeated here in this film also. The crew makes bad decisions after bad decisions and all end up dead. All in this entire movie while not the best was watchable. It was worth the price (Redbox) for a day’s worth of entertainment. Yes it did take me a full 6 hours to get through it. It looks like Ridley Scott has ran out of ideas and is trying to just make movies for the sake of movies. The effects were worth watching, however the characters and plot were not. It is set up to have sequels, but I hope Mr. Scott will refrain unless he can build a better plot and characters. As you can tell from this review I am very conflicted over if I liked it or not. I cannot say if I would watch it again but I don’t think it was a total waste of time either.

Ruby Sparks is an unusual movie in a number of ways.

First of all, it’s a fantasy for adults that won’t likely even be understood by kids. Second, it is full of surprises that you aren’t like to see coming. And third, it was written by a young couple who play the main characters. And they did both extremely well.

A young man writes a novel, imagining his ideal girl and then, all of a sudden, there she is. In the flesh. And everything he writes about her, she does, exactly as he describes.

At first he can’t believe it. He knows it’s impossible. But then those around him see her as well. She must be real - or is she? And here’s where it really get fun.

To say any more would be a spoiler, but it keeps getting more complex and interesting. And the ending is just what it should be, even if it didn’t occur to us.

The cast includes Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan (the real life writers), with Antonio Banderas, Annette Bening, Steve Coogan, Elliott Gould, Chris Messina, Alia Shawkat and Aasif Mandvi (of Daily Show fame) playing fun and unusual supporting roles.

[I]Ruby Sparks[/I] is a keeper.

IFYou are A Speed Freak(Cars,Semis,Cops)Clean-Action Action Action,Sorry no Guns or Death,-Burt Reynolds, Jackie Gleason,Jerry Reed,SallyFields,Paul Williams,Pat McCorMick,
Trans Am,&Semis, on an Illegal Beer run from Texas to Atlanta, The 1st of A 3_Part Trilogy SeriesFor every Cop the Bandit evades 10 more Cops are waiting to aprehend!Always been A Favorite of Mine, When theres nothing on TV except infomercials&news,easy way to entertain for 1hr,36mins.Also
has the original hit (one of my favorites from Jerry Reed,East Bound &Down,irresistable romance&rowdy good times that will never run out of gas!

Great to see all these reviews.

And for everyone else enjoying reading these, keep them coming folks as the prizes won’t win themselves and as they say, “if you’re not in you won’t win”. :wink:


i’m a bit of a history buff, so i decided to review a historically significant movie that has won many awards. it is a black and white movie, and if you do not “do b/w” i assure you that if this sort of topical matter is your thing then you will be enthralled and hence just waiting for the next scene. {“0oh, what, that was in black and white?”}

the battle of algiers - the drop-back is a city under siege-algiers, algeria: bombings are rocking the city as the the native population has grown restless and tired of foreign rule and exploitation. at the same time many french nationals, who might be called ex-pats today, only know algeria as their home, a part of france and are confused as to why such a backlash has befallen them. unbenounced to them, many poor helpless algierians are being rounded up, and tortured en mass. the chief of police believes this may be the only way of finding the ones responsible, and fulfilling his orders. scenes of water-boarding and other forms of agony are dramatized for cinematic effect, shocking the viewer. meanwhile, despite a complete lock-down of the city with checkpoints the bombers get through using ingenious methods. this situation is a catastrophe to the french who once thought they were also algerian in one sense and also a great national shame as shown in the faces of the soldiers best. a couple of budding romances are also put aside as all involved must deal with the larger issues at hand such as the disintegration of french rule in algeria and the loss of innocence felt by the algerian populace, especially those in the capital, algiers.
as we know today, the french did leave and in 1962 algeria finally attained independence after 8 years of violence. i will not ruin the end for you, but be sure, this movie will captivate you.



my review of the odd life of timothy green. a disney film. in light of the newtown ct happeneing, thought it was fitting. it is about two people that cannot have children, but want one so bad they would do just about anything. this child seems to be grown from their garden and the movie tells about his trials and all. the child has leaves that are on his legs. i figured out early as the leaves fall off, when there gone it would be the end of him. he seems to be friends with everyone he meets, in particular one young girl. them become good friends and are together constantly until its time for him to leave. they even build a menagery in the woods. the movie is a feel good movie. will never win any awards. but if you love children. its an ok movie.

All Tolken fans should see The Hobbit - sticks close to the book - great effects.

Thanks for the submissions everyone! To give more people the chance to also review movies they received during Christmas, we’ll be extending the contest till the 3rd of January!

Excellent news Domi!

I’m sure a lot of people will be watching movies over Christmas with friends and family as well.


A review of a film that if you haven’t seen and are interested in finding out more about one of the most famous family feuds of American history, then this is a great film to watch. Even if you just like a well made and acted movie with an unraveling plot that isn’t the cookie cut design of so many films these days; I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Just a note before the main review. This was actually a history channel mini series. I didn’t know this when I watched the film.

Kevin Costner portrays the Hatfield clan elder alongside Bill Paxton who portrays the McCoy clan elder. Not being a great fan of Costner I had my doubts about the film. “Misses” such as Waterworld, Tin Cup, Dragon Fly, etc… have not inspired me to watch a lot of his films. To me a lot are hit or miss with him. However, this was a hit, he’s excels at playing the role he’s given in this film.

Bill Paxton, again, movies seem to be hit or miss. But I think it was another great performance by Paxton. A great portrayal of a man who felt deeply betrayed by one whom he thought of as a brother.

I’m not going to go into the supporting actors but the cast did a good job as well. You have some fairly “well knowns” in supporting roles and some unknowns (at least to me).

The production of this film I feel is as good as any feature made film. A lot of on location filming gives it that natural and timeless feel. Costuming looks right as do the surroundings. It’s set in the era of the civil war. So I guess that’s not hard to replicate. But I felt they did a great job at staying correct to the era with props and scenes. It isn’t an action thriller or CGI/special effects extravaganza. Practical effects look like they are used for the few that are there.

I don’t want to give away to much here for those who will watch the film. And if your like me, you don’t like spoilers. So I will be pretty brief in the plot. I think pretty much everyone has heard of the Hatfields and McCoys and knows at least some of the history of their feud anyway. If not, its a great time to watch the film and find out! :wink:

The plot follows the families starting with the two elders fighting alongside each other for the confederacy in the civil war. It leads you through the events causing the mistrust and resentments that develop between the Hatfield and McCoy elders. Coupled with a denied love, murders, thefts and accusations these things build little by little to create the history of a feud that raged back and forth along the Kentucky Virginia border that lasted generations.

I’m a sci-fi viewer at heart. But also a closet history buff. So bothering to write a review on a historical film instead is unusual for me. However, I feel this is one of those films that’s worth letting people know about that would otherwise pass it by.

This movie is worth owning if your the closet History/Discovery channel junkie (you know who you are). If not then hit your local Redbox or rental store and pick it up. This is one of those movies you’ll eventually see in the bargain bin as well since its not a box office title.

DVD or BluRay
Get whichever format you like. I bought the BluRay ($9) and the picture is excellent. But the versions I’ve seen between formats have the same content for features on the discs. The only special features is a “making of” feature you can watch, which I myself have not viewed so no comment on the extras.