Dvdfab & multi episode dvd recording



I have the latest version of DVDFAB and have been using it to back up my dvds with fairly good success. However when i try and back up my Star Trek Voyager dvds, which have four episodes on each i find that the first couple play find, then they tend to jump and freeze and stop. This does not happen if i play the back on my computer.
I’m using a NEC ND 3520-A dvd drive and have tried several different dvds from the cheap ones up to Sony ‘accucore’. I have also tried recording at the lowest speed and making sure as many programs are turned off as poss.
Anyone know why this is? Very occassionally i get this with a normal film too, but often find it happens on one dvd player but not another, so may be that some models are less tolerant!
Other info that might help is that im using fully upto date Win dvd, with over a GB of memory and a P4 2.8.
thanks all.


Copying season disks is a frequent problem but it is related with menues mainly (bad or no navigation). Once you can start an episode it should play full length, where you go after the episode ends cab be a surprise again. So if you have freezing or jumping during an episode I guess it has nothing to do with the fact that it is a season disk. Usual problems burner/firmware/speed/media/player compatibility. Use +RW until you find out which.


Agree with Hun’s reasoning and advice, and a big ditto on trying an rw until this is resolved. Also, a few of us (likely, more than a few), have noted that backing up season discs in the “Copy season disc fully” mode (Gold), is much more predisposed to problems. I think larry3030cd said it best, it really is “hit or miss”. You didn’t say what mode you were using , so this may not be applicable. Anyway, I’ve done quite a few bkups with good results by choosing “Full Disc” in gold. With 4 episodes, like “24” or “the Pretender”, for example, the split to two discs is perfect. With odd #'s however, such as Nip Tuck (three/disc), one eipsode gets split. Aside from the annoyance of swapping out the disc, there is no problem with navigation or play. Of course, you also have the option of burning to a DL.