DVDFab MP4 H264+Multichannel AAC



Hello out there,

I have been happily using the Xvid+Audiocopy profile for creating avis with 5.1 channels. I have recently fallen in love with my iphone, which only supports mp4s with h264 and AAC.

I would like to rip my dvds once and only once - not once for my pc, and once for my iphone; however, I obviously want to keep the surround sound. AAC supports multiple channels; is it possible to configure DVD fab to convert 5.1 ac3 to 5.1 aac?


I’m not sure as I’ve not tried myself,but did you use the generec mp4.h264 .aac profile?


The great difference in the video requirements for watching on a TV vs. a mobile device (size, bitrate) make it almost impossible to do a single conversion that is even a good compromise for both. DVDFab doesn’t currently support 5.1/6 channel AAC.


I realize that for most portable devices, the bitrates need to be tuned down a bit, but I can play dvd-quality H24 video on my iphone.

In addition, for apple tv users, it would be nice to have 5.1 channel aac - to the best of my knowledge, apple tv / itunes does not support ac3.


Hopefully they will add this in the future (or apple will add AC3).


[QUOTE=signals;2075276] DVDFab doesn’t currently support 5.1/6 channel AAC.[/QUOTE]

Which is why I wasn’t sure …thanx buddy!..


Multichannel AAC and WMA is on our top to-do list, please wait.


Is there multichannel aac now included for ipod/iphone preset? Or through the profile editor? Which I’m going to go look at right now.


Apples iTunes store now has HD TV Shows downloadable from iTunes 8 that do include an AC3 5.1 track. However iTunes 8 seems to just do a passthrough rather than decode it. When selected I get no sound. I’ve seen reoprts the Apple TV does decode the AC3 track.


please forgive my technical stupididy & unfamiliarity with current gizmos , but even if you could rip 6 channel audio , how could you then possibly listen to true 6 channel surround sound audio on an iphone ???

I appreciate that iphone is a clever gizmo, but do you then carry around 6 speakers to plug into it , and/or 3 assistants to hold the speakers in the right locations ???


Obviously there is only 1 speaker and 1 microphone so you will get mono. But the iphone/ itouch have tv-out. Though the tv-out is only 2 channel with either(component/composite) cables that can be purchased from Apple. So that leaves to viewing on the apple tv, laptop, media center which would have a connection for multichannel audio.


The more I read about multichannel, the more I want it. I have been reading up about it and think it would work great thru apple tv to my home receiver. I see handbrake does it already so hopefully it comes to dvdfab soon.