DVDFAB Mobile.....Transformers

I’ve been trying to convert the movie Transformers to put on my daughters ipod, using the mobile option of DVDFab platinum, with the ipod/iphone preset. But even with a fixed size setting of 1500mb, it keeps coming out at 4.19gig.

The settings i’m using are fixed file size 1500mb, 640x352 frame resolution (under advanced resolution settngs), preset audio and video framerate.
The only thing i’m doing on this movie is using the high quality 2-pass.

Could this have anything to the size of the output file? Or is it just a “glitch” in the program? Or am I doin something wrong? I’ve successfully done 15 or so movies in the past, without this problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


Maybe some output size control logic not running correct, so the output size is lost control when the Transformers has too many big scene which need more bits to encode it.

I think maybe you can try to using 1 pass or adjust output resolution, I don’t know your ipod is what type ? for ipod touch, maybe 480x?? is ok. for ipod video classic, 320x?? is ok.


Thanks for the advice Ting. I updated to and tried the 2 pass again. It still made the output size over 4gig. But I was successful using the same frame resolution, the same video and audio settings, but using 1000mb fixed file size, and 1 pass encoding. That will have to do.

My ipod is a nano third generation.

I just wanted to use the 2 pass encoding for better quality, but I’ll take what I can get. Still looks rather good.

Thanks again Ting…