Dvdfab mobile to psp question

Hey guys, I’ve been transfering movies to my son’s psp for a while but sometimes the title doesn’t transfer to the psp. for example,in the “video” tab on the psp, the movies are listed like “I AM LEGEND. title 1.dvd rip” and that’s ok but I just transfered a movie twice and in the title field all it has is" -", no title. I allways look under the conversion settings tab and make sure the title information is there but it didn’t transfer. any ideas.


just a guess, but check ur psp. go to the “video settings” on ur psp and check that “title display” is set to “title” and not set to “file name”. again just a guess, good luck with that.

thanks for the reply. on the psp, went to video setting, i don’t have that “option”. it has menu language,audio language,subtitle language,volume,l/r button,and,sequential playback. it’s not on all movies that this happens. the movie in question is “The Shinning”.

really?? what version firmware are you running on the psp. i’ve got the original psp (psp phat) and am running system software version 5.02. “title display” is after “sequential playback” under the video settings. i’m guessing you have a different fw version. ok if i can find the shining dvd around here i’ll give it try and see what i get.

it says “system software version 3.90” maybe i should try to update the software.