DvdFab mobile settings

my samsung delve cell phone has a native resolution of 240 x 400. Ive put movies on my phone using different settings in Fab but im looking for the right settings to take up the whole screen. Either i’m not sure how to find a resolution that matches, or it just doesnt exist in the program. I’ve been tinkering quite a bit thru the generic, ipod, cell phone presets and settings and just cant find it…any help?

Many cellphones (my LG Dare included) do not have the horsepower to do full screen video and limit playback to only a smaller area. Post a link to a place I can get the specs on that phone to look at what the manufacturer supports.

i can put a movie on my phone using 240 x 400 resolution using handbrake…just dont see that option with dvdfab, maybe im missing it, but dont see where i can customize it.

here are the specs…http://reviews.cnet.com/cell-phones/samsung-delve-sch-r800/4507-6454_7-33362504.html?tag=rnav

The specs for this phone are impossible to get. The owner’s manual says it plays MP4 and 3gs files, but nothing about bitrate, framerate, size or anything else. Have you tried any of the profiles in DVDfab? Tell me which one works the best and I’ll show you how to customize it.

when i customize the size, 400 width x 240 height in handbrake it fills up the entire screen, thats all i’m trying to do. I’ve tried lots and lots of the profiles in DVDfab and had some really good results, clarity wise that is. But I cant find the setting that is going to take up the whole screen…thats what i’m looking for

most of the time I use the ipod preset

I’ll see what I can do tonight. Do you set handbrake for 240x400 or 400x240?

i set it for 400 width x 240 height…since I turn the phone sideways to view it in widescreen.
Thanks signals

OK, I got it. Check back tonight, I’m on the road this afternoon. May have to make a couple and let you tinker with them to see how they work.

sounds good

Better late than never I guess. Try this one beachbumm. It seems to work well and the conversion speed is >80 fps on my PC. You will see several screen size choices around that of the Delve. I wrote this profile as a Device, so you can access it from the navigation pane directly without clicking on cellphone first, then selecting it from the dropdown, but you will need to install it using the Customize UI->DVD to Mobile page in Common Settings. There is an example of how to do this in the tutorial if you need it (example is for AppleTV but the steps are the same). You can get to the tutorial from the red link in my sig. Let me know how this works, can be tweaked if necessary. Movies with 2.35:1 aspect ratios will convert at 400x176, 1.88:1 will be closer to the native 1.67:1 ratio of the phone. You can experiment with the Resize slider if necessary to fill the screen on the Advanced Resolutions Settings page; select “supported by device” and choose a 1.6667:1 size. Don’t forget to change the file suffix from .txt to .xml after downloading. It makes H264+AAC .MP4 files.

Delve.MP4.aac.txt (900 Bytes)

Thanks signals…i’ll give it a try in the morning and let ya know how it works

hey there signals…I finally got some time to try it out, unfortunately I’m completely lost, lol. I have NO clue how to get what you sent me into DVDFab. Ugh…I looked at the tutorial and it’s just not clicking with me…any help?

This can be a llittle confusing if you’re new to DVDFab. Do this:

[li]Click on the attachment link. Save to C:\Program Files\DVDFab 5\Profiles
[/li][li]Find the file with windows explorer. Single click on the filename twice, it will become highlighted in blue and surrounded by a box.
[/li][li]Put your cursor near the “t” in the .txt file extension and single click. Use the Delete or backspace keys to erase the txt and type xml in its place. Press Enter.
[/li][li]Open DVDFab with no disc inserted. Click on the checkmark in the green circle in the upper right. In the left hand menu pane, click on “Customize UI”
[/li][li]In the center of the window you will see a drop down selector marked “Options Group” that says “DVD to DVD”. Change this to “DVD to Mobile” using the selector.
[/li][li]Click on the “New” button. In the box that opens, click on the drop down selector at the top. You should see the Delve profile on the list. Click on it to select. Change the icon to one that looks like a cellphone and add tip text if you want to. Click OK.
[/li][li]“Delve” should now appear in the left hand window (“Available Options”). Click on it to select and use the >> button to move it to the right hand window (“Options to Display”). If there are profiles you never use, highlight them and click the << button to move the to the left. Move Delve up or down to change its position if you want to. Click OK.
[/li][li]DVDFab will ask you to restart, click OK or Yes.
[/li][li] The Delve device should now appear on the DVD to Mobile menu.

You have just customized DVDFab! The ability to do this is one of the things that makes this such a great product. It should look something like this if all went well:

awesome! I think I got it…thanks signals. I made a 5 minute iso from a movie to i can run it thru Fab quickly, ill let you know the results shortly!

unsupported video file is what i got after putting on my delve and trying to play. I do know that the movies i have sucessfully put on my phone via the ipod settings were done with mpeg4 video conversion and aac audio conversion

What screen size did you select? Most cellphones will play this, but we may need to tweak it a little.

dont know if its the screen size or not, i picked 400 x 240…for some reason the h264 encoded videos dont work…even though the manuals say it will.

I am working on another one for you to try that will do MPEG-4 instead. I wish Samsung had better specs for the video requirements available somewhere. I looked all over their website and the pdf of the owner’s manual, no help. Check back tomorrow night.

ok signals, ive been looking for them too, i even talked to a friend that works at my cell phone carrier. she called samsung and couldnt get anything out of them. The ipod settings work well, quality wise, just cant fill up the screen with it.

any luck signals?